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The head cold had me down most of yesterday, enough that sleeping and editing was about all I could manage, and reading of course, which I can almost always manage. I don't think it's fair to be sick on a weekend.

I've been re-reading the first 2 books of a trilogy in anticipation of reading the 3rd one which my mom had recently sent me. But this morning, when I picked up the 3rd book and opened it, I discovered that it was the SECOND book with a different title and a different cover! ARGH! Apparently, the British and the American publications of the 2nd book have different names...why, I have no idea, and there was no mention of the fact in the info on the back of the title page in either edition. I've ordered the 3rd one now, hoping it will come this week, since I'm dying to know what happens!

The kids and I went for a walk this evening after supper. It's been a beautiful late-summer-early-fall weekend. Just the right temperature, just the right color of sky, just the right everything. The light from the lowering sun was golden and everything shone crisp and clear as we walked around Flyinge, chatting about Star Wars, of all things. My kids, they are OBSESSED with Star Wars. I can hardly fault them, since I too, was once in the grip of Star Wars fever, back in 1978, but it sure makes me laugh! Martin wants to be Yoda for Halloween. Karin, not surprisingly, wants to be Anakin and she DESPERATELY wants a lightsaber. Any color will do, but purple is best, apparently. I told her to put it on her Christmas Wish List, and she immediately went and got paper and a pencil and made out her list which consists mostly of Lego, Bionicle and Star Wars paraphernalia.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh? :D

The rowan trees are drooping with fruit, they look like they're loaded with rubies. A plum tree at the edge of town has dropped its load and its foot is completely encircled with bright yellow and red fruit. If the amount of fruit in the orchards has any telling on how hard a winter we're facing, I'm a little worried, despite the drought of July and the wetness of August. The stonecrop is just starting to blush and the nasturtiums haven't even really gotten started. The mosquitoes, however, THEY'RE out, alright.

Anders leaves for Italy tomorrow evening. Which means I have to have the kids with me at the Parent Meeting with Karin's teachers on Tuesday and at choir on Wednesday, as our old babysitter is now in London being an au pair. I don't feel I can ask his parents to help out because I feel that every single time we see them we ask them for help with babysitting. sigh At least the kids are well enough behaved that I can bring them with me instead of having to miss things because I don't have a babysitter.

Cracking Martin and I Up: A couple of years ago, I introduced Martin to knock-knock jokes and we both laughed ourselves silly with the ones I knew and the ones we found on the internet. Thanks to Geese Aplenty we now have a even funnier variation on the interrupting cow joke!

- Knock knock.
- Who’s there?
- Interrupting starfish.
- Interrupting starfish w--
(Put big starfish-like fingers on person’s face)

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Assuming no one else really wants to do the lightsaber for Xmas consider it done!

:) They're only 10 bucks, I think, so I might ask you for 2 of them! After all, you can't have a Jedi dual with only 1 lightsaber, right?


Absolutely right!!!! Should I get 2 different colors so one is the bad guy and one the good or the same color so there is no arguing...... HMMMMMMM....... which would make my Seester more crazy.... HMMMMM.....

cackle cackle cackle rubbing hands together.

>: )

Love Seester

:P definitely different colors! Heck, maybe you should get a whole rainbow! :D

Today my nephew celebrated his 7th birthday. Based on what he had wished for, it seems Teenage Mutant Ninja Hero Turtles is a hot commodity again, some 15 years since the last craze. These things are periodical. He was into Lego Bionicles last Christmas, but I'm not sure if he finds them as marvellous anymore.

The best gift however, was a portable DVD player (!) with 7" LCD screen that was a co-operative gift from both grandmothers and grandfathers. When I was seven years old, a Game & Watch game was the ultimate. With consideration to inflation and increased salaries, maybe it compares in price to a portable DVD these days. I hope he's careful with it, so it will last for a while.

I wish I had a scanner. I'd scan a picture of my brother and me proudly displaying our lightsabers. It was a glorified flashlight hooked up to a plastic tube. If you hit someone's hard enough, they would bend. Great memories!

I wish you had a scanner, too! What a hoot!


There are ALSO lots of Star Wars books for kids - like a series! So keep your eyes out for your little Jedi knights. Star Wars, who doesn't love the movies? I watched them all the time as a kid, but of course I really liked the LOVE story...such a girl!

Also, please take pictures of said rowan trees, as I have no idea what they are!


Rowans are mountain ash trees. Here's a somewhat fuzzy photo

Doesn't it astound you when kids are enamored of stuff we loved way back when? :)

It makes me feel old. All the stuff that the kids are into, and even the songs they are singing from the radio, are all things that were fresh when I was a teenager!

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