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  • I've never been a big fan of dried fruit, but O! dried pineapple chunks are SO GOOD. They're better than candy. They're like MAGIC candy!
  • 30 days hath far 12 of them are still blank on our calendar. eep!
  • My brother reminded my family and I that it's time to start the familiy Christmas wish lists so that everyone has time to get started. Little does he know I started months ago. muahaha!
  • Massage tomorrow...mmmmm! thank goodness because my neck really, REALLY needs it.
The woman who offered to coordinate our annual pumpkin patch field trip for the AWC couldn't find any listing for the place we visited last year and I couldn't find the number in my files, or get ahold of the woman who had arranged it last I started hunting online for pumpa självplock (pumpkins you-pick) until I found another vegetable farm in the same area. I called and talked to the lady who answered, wondering if they had pumpkins (no) and did she know anything about the place nearby where we had been last year? Yes! She did, but there's no business listing, the old man who runs the place does it privately and you have to call his private number. She very kindly gave me his name and the info and I thanked her and I called him right up to ask him if they still grew pumpkins and if the club could book a date to come out.

"Sven-Åke," he answered gruffly after a couple of rings. "Hej!" I answered, "Jag heter Liz och jag ringer från American Women's Club..."

"Jag är inte intresserad," he said, *click*

*stupified silence*

Then I laughed my head off and called him back to explain that I wasn't SELLING anything, we wanted to BUY pumpkins!

(Hi! My name is Liz and I'm calling from the American Women's Club...—I'm not interested.)


Our dryer went on the fritz over a week ago. The door latch stopped working and Anders switched it out by turning the door around but after that every time he tried to run it, it caused a power outage in the entire house. So he promptly hauled it off to the repair shop, where they promised to check it out and call us back as soon as they knew what it was. *looks at watch, sighs*

Since laundry doesn't stop just because we don't have a dryer, I have been forced to resort to the dreaded drying cabinet which all the Swedes and probably all Europeans love with a passion that escapes me. I like having it on hand to hang things that need to hang-dry and to capture dripping raingear and stinky hockey equipment, but actually DRY anything in it? Har! Don't make me laugh. It's been pure torture this week, folding crinkly crunchy underwear and my usually fluffy soft and puffy towels have had the consistency of sandpapered cardboard. bleah!


I found myself deliberately not thinking much about 9/11 this week, not reading about it, not watching anything on TV, not wanting to remember. Since Anders is gone, I fixed leftovers for dinner for the kids and myself and we sat down to eat. After some general conversation about their day, Karin informed me that 5 years ago a terrible thing happened in America and they had talked about it in school today and did I know about it? Karin had just turned 2 a few months before and Martin had not yet turned 4 so they had not been at all aware of what was happening that day 5 years ago.

So I started to tell them about it, in the simplest terms I could find, and found myself struggling not to tear up, because behind the basic facts that I was relating was all the horror and helplessness I remember from that day. Watching it unfold, not being able to reach my mother or my sister on the phone (who were nowhere near any of it), hearing the stories about those trapped, the last phone calls, the people jumping, the people dying.

It might be scarred over, but I don't know if it will ever really heal. I can't imagine what the people who survived or the people who lost someone go through this time each year.
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I am amazed that they talked about 9/11 in Karin's class. There was an article in the newspaper week-end magazine checking in on the 5 or 6 babies who were born that day- and who they had profiled as a basis for hope. I think only two of the children really knew what happened- and those 2 lived in NY City and have visited the area. At least two or three others have not been told about it,as their parents think they are too young to understand. What did Karin hear in class? I always remember the overwhelming support shown in places like our Embassy in Copenhagen, it so reminds me of the good in people. Peace and Love, Lizardmom

It sounded to me as if she hadn't really understood, neither one of them understands the significance of it, really. They talked about planes hitting the buildings on purpose, but they didn't really understand why it was making people sad or why it was terrible until I explained to them that people were in the building, and that so many people died. :(

it must be very hard on young kids growing up in the states right now with the unstoppable bombardment of horror-filled 911 "nostalgia" on tv. what's a 7 year old to think about seeing people crash into the pavement, or having a building collapse ontop of 'em?? :-(

I agree. I know that it's important for people to remember it, and to mourn and heal, but the overdoing it is just way out of control. :(


Is pumpkin picking an international thing, or is it borrowed from America?


Re: pumpkins

Totally borrowed. Swedes don't know what to do with them, and they're only coming in very, very slowly. But the whole Halloween phenomenon IS slowly growing each year :)

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