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Blank brain = blank screen

Where my brain is (multiple choice):
  • still at work because I had to leave early to pick up the kids

  • still at choir because I had to leave early to get the kids home at a decent hour

  • remembering sitting in a beach chair on a white sandy beach in St. Thomas, staring up at the Southern Cross and talking to my sister because Martin was asking me all about constellations on the way home from choir

  • still standing outside in the backyard, staring up at the BAZILLION stars with the kids while our breath plumed, pointing out the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper and the Crab (Lobster? it looks like a big Y) and looking in vain for Orion who hasn't made his winter appearance in the Upstairs Star Lounge yet

  • impatiently stomping around waiting for Anders to get home tomorrow

  • in bed, reading

  • eaten, by rabbits
Tags: blabbiterlickum
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