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Since I haven't had a chance to post since Wednesday, I've had hardly any comment emails. My little Yahoo avatar has drooped and her mouth has turned down and she keeps crying from the sadness of it all.

It's a tragedy, it is. Serves me right for being such a slacker. I've made my avatar cry! Or rather...hmmm...YOU'VE made her cry! Yeah, that's it! It's because no one is commenting on my posts, old or not, not because I haven't written any new ones. For shame!


We've started calling our daughter Anakarin. That's how obsessed with Star Wars she is. Now she's writing and illustrating little Star Wars books (which are hilarious as they are full of Jedis with their hands cut off bellowing NOOOO and Sith Lords with their heads rolling away saying YEEOWTCH* and brightly crayoned light sabers) and SELLING them. She made paper pockets for her books and wrote on them the categories of Star Wars books she is making available: Lättlästa Star Wars böcker (easy reader books) and Roliga Star Wars barnböcker (funny Star Wars children's books). First, she told Anders that the money was "for the school because they're broke" but then she decided that she would save up for a Star Wars costume. He bought one for 20 kronor and so did I. SUCKAHS!


My friend Camilla is leaving on Monday for a year. She's going to teach English at an international school in an unpronounceable Polish town full of consonents (Bydgoszcz, which I'm referring to as By Gosh!). She got the job on Thursday and after she signed the contract that afternoon, the principal called and said, "Um by the way, orientation starts on Tuesday, can you travel on Monday?" so she has had 4 days to get everything ready to leave. (!) I'm thrilled for her because it's something she has really wanted to do (although her first choices were much more exotic like South America and Kazakhstan) but I'm also sad because that's one less friend to hang out with in real least for the next year. I was really happy that she could come over this evening and just hang out for a few hours with the kids and I, otherwise I'd be crying...just like my avatar. :P


There's no more denying it. It's officially fall now. I saw my first sugar beet truck today and the sugar beet factory lit up and went into operation yesterday.


Last night I attended a Ladies Happy Hour that was nominally an AWC event, but which turned out to be less than half AWC people, since several of the women had invited friends/neighbors from other social circles. It was nice to meet new people, but a little unsettling as well. The majority of the women whom I had never met before we say, much more EXOTIC than I am. One of them brought a couple of CDs full of pulsing techno-pop music that I had never heard before, and they were all gyrating in a circle near the bar for a couple of hours. They were beautiful. I just have to say I have never felt so untrendy, old, short, fat and WHITE in my entire life.

*which I had to help her spell. :D
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I'm so delighted for Camilla to hear that she did get that job! She said she'd email bookgroup if she got it, but when no email came I thought it was probably bad news. Yay for her! (And, while I've known her less time than you, I agree that it's a loss in the hanging-out-with-a-friend-way.)

I'd buy a book from Karin in a heartbeat. Tell her I said so.

She's been crazy busy, but she swore she'd be sending out a text message after she gets there. She didn't get the job she was hoping for in the other place in Poland (Torun) and had kind of given up hope, I think, when this one suddenly came up late. By Gosh! is about 3 hours from Berlin on the west and 3 hours from Warsaw on the east. :)

Wow - so this isn't even the job that she was waiting to hear about at book group? That means that in just two weeks' time she got herself another job. Whatawoman!

Anakarin's books sound fabulous! Her imagination is wonderful. I am always tickled when kids are creative and make their own projects. Good for her. May the force be with her!

My cousn taught English in Poland for 22 months and LOVED it. She orginally did 11 months and signed up for a second term she liked it so much.

That's good to hear :)

I'll remember to go back and re-comment on old entries when I don't see you around, so your avatar doesn't cry. Just don't go thinking I'm stalking you. *teehee*

*stalk stalk* :D

That's funny that dancing Swedes make YOU feel white. :)

That's the thing, none of them were Swedes! None of them were even American! They were from Kenya, South Africa, Italy, India and Spain.


I think it's wonderful that Karin is being so enterprising! And creative! I look forward to seeing some of her books. I expect that the idea came from one of those easy reader books I sent! Looks like I had better check the stores for some other Star Wars books, so she'll get even more ideas! Love, Lizardmom

I think it did, and I think you should! :D

Don't cry little avatar, my comment is in!

Hey, my mom is from that town in Poland and i can pronounce then name perfectly for ya, maybe I'll make you a phone post...

Re: Don't cry little avatar, my comment is in!

Really? It would probably have made cry tears of laughter then, listening to us try and pronounce it! :D

Making a happy avatar

Damn, that was last night? I remember seeing it on the calendar, and forgot to note when it was. Oh well, I probably would have felt fat and white myself.

Re: Making a happy avatar

Oh wait, you meant Friday. The day I read this is not the day you wrote this. :) I was otherwise engaged on Friday, but was casting about for something to do last night.

Anakarin is writing and illustrating her own books...WOW!!! That is fantastic that your children have such vivid imaginations and use them. Good on her, who knows you may just have another writer in the family.


Here is my contribution to your comment e-mails inbox! :) Mine has been just as empty, despite a few (nonsense) entries, so I know the feeling. However fun it is with comments though the most fun part is the writing itself so I am just as happy. :)

It seems Karin is a creative business woman in the making! She will be a great entreprenör one day.

I also know what it's like to miss a friend. One of my best friends lives in Italy, since we graduated in 1991. Imagine that. :( But it's just fine because she is happily married there and now pregnant with her second child! As long as your friends are happy that's the most important thing, isn't it? Then I am happy too.

And YAY for fall being here. That's my favourite season. I just can't wait for the bright autumn colours to paint the landscape.

I had a Polish friend in my class. She tried to teach me to say her last name for years. I never succeeded! Her name starts with Zdrz.... It's like the language with the vowels God forgot.


It's my favorite season, too. Yay, fall!

And yes, you are right that my friends' happiness is what is most important, but I WILL miss her. I've had so many friends leave (or disappear basically) in the last few years. It never gets easier.

Well, we can't have your poor avatar crying now, can we?

Fun that Karin has developed such a passion!

Hee! My avatar is happy as a clam today! I just need to post again tonight to keep up the good, good, good, good vibrations. :D

I'm sure I've told you this...but they filmed part of "Return of the Jedi" in my hometown. (Part of "E.T.," too.)

They did?? Which part?!

All the Endor stuff in the redwood forest. (And all the redwood forest stuff in "E.T." was shot in basically the same place.)

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