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I feel like everything in my head is so disjointed. When I sit down to start writing, it all tries to shove out past my fingertips in staccato sentences and bullet points: bang! bang! There doesn't seem to be any flow in me right now, no story, no form.

Martin and I went berry-hunting today at the schoolyard. All the rowans are ruby-dotted with huge clusters of bright red berries. We figure the birds have more than enough and no one will miss half a bag full for us to use as table decorations for the Halloween party. We still felt like bandits, sneaking into the daycare grounds, carrying our bag and shears as if we were going to cut the phone lines and rob the place. Berry thieves! At one tree we found several bunches on the ground: windfall! We came home with half a bag...and an earwig, whom we discovered when we dumped them all out on the dining room table to spread out and dry. *SHUDDER*

Other things I accomplished today: whipped the AWC directory into shape as far as I can for upcoming printing without yet having the final list of paid members, finished the editing of book #2 except for the Table of Contents which I'm doing tonight, laundry (2 loads), dishes (1 load), birthday party (1 child delivered and retrieved). Forgot to water the plants, though.

Am I as boring as I feel right now? Don't answer that.

My children seem to be about a year behind when it comes to their obsessions. There's nothing Star Wars out there right now and when Karin and I were at the toy store yesterday, buying FIVE presents for the 5 child hosts of the birthday party today (WTF?! FIVE! Why would those parents do that to the rest of us!?) we also looked to see if there was anything we could feed her obsession with. There were a couple of bottom-of-the-barrel craptastic lightsaber rip-offs that even Karin curled her lip at and one lonely box of Star Wars Lego and in the aisle with action figures there were six rows of Star Wars figures but they were ALL Chancellor Palpatine. Why am I not surprised that nobody bought action figures of a nasty old man (who only comes with movable arms and a lightsaber. How lame. No "exploding body" "jedi kick action" "spinning action" "super articulated limbs" wonder the store still has so many in stock 1.5 years after the stupid movie came out)...the scary thing is, that when I went to google this toy, I discovered that there are SEVEN DIFFERENT Palpatine action figures.

That, right there, explains the entire current decline and fall of our civilization as we know it. No need to say more.
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While I'm not exactly a fan of earwigs, I love the swedish word for them..twin butts. What could be more descriptive?

Berry thieves! Cool.
Your ending sentiment is a hoot.

Very good work my Padawan apprentice. :-) Yoda says: "Support the franchise you must."

I have such great memories about playing pretend and it sounds like especially Karin is the same way.

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