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Don't sleep well. Worry about everything that needs to get done at work. Get handed multiple last-minute projects the minute you log on to your computer. Nearly get into a screaming match with the colleague responsible for most of them, but manage to just barely restrain yourself. Shut office door and ignore passersby.


Mentally sigh while smiling every time the door is opened and someone says, "Can I just..." Eat a 15-minute lunch.


Manage to get most of the last-minute projects done. You hope. Worry about everything that still needs to get done and realize that when your off-site colleague arrives in the morning you will probably get handed multiple last-minute projects again. Mentally sigh and work late. Realize that you are crabby as hell with hunger.

Arrive home to find no dinner on the table but daughter dressed head-to-toe in black including full face and head mask, saying "Mama! I'm a ninja spy!" and son handing you several hand-drawn animal cards so you can check out his jungle inhabitants. Make and eat dinner. Nearly pick a fight with your husband but manage to just barely restrain yourself. Work on presentation. Read blogs. Get kids ready for bed and read 3 chapters of The Woodshed Mystery to them. Work on web pages. Make phone calls. Answer emails. Edit book. Write this pedestrian and unsatisfying post. Wonder if 9 p.m. is too early to go to bed.

Hope that tomorrow is a better day.
mood: cranky
music: Daniel Powter—Bad Day


This is probably not a good time for me to write that post about how Mondays are so BORING for me at work, huh? Literally nothing nothing nothing to do on Monday (yet).

I hope tomorrow is indeed a better day for you.

tomorrow will be better :) get a good nights sleep!

You did all that by 9pm?!?!?! Go to bed and don't feel guilty about it for a second!

I can feel that you're that wrung up doll in the icon.
Go to bed. Hope tomorrow's beddar!

*hugs* Hope you sleep well.


Oh, tomorrow simply MUST be better. Please be kind to yourself and practice the word, "NO." If need be, "HELL NO," also works very well.

Hope you had sweet dreams!


I hate Mondays. Well, now that I am studying they are not as bad. :) But when working, Mondays are simply "blä!".

But today is Tuesday. A whole new day. :)

BTW you did a great job doing all that stuff before 9 pm! Wish I were that effective. So be satisfied with yourself! You deserve some self praise!


I hope tomorrow is a better day for you too. Although you wrote this post yesterday, but I just now got the feed. Also Sweden is 6 hours ahead, so tomorrow is almost over. How was it?

Marginally better, workwise. Still feel insanely busy. Tonight, I'm working on 2 computers, 1 for work and 1 for other stuff. :)

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