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Our bedroom is VERY clean. Even the windows. Even under the bed. Even the bed. In fact, ALL the beds. :) 5 loads of laundry and counting...

Here's page 10, the one I wasn't happy with that I'm now fairly happy with. The cards in the little envelope are:
1) a playing card with an oriental-style painting of a heron standing in water
2) a card that says "When the ordinary man attains knowledge he is a sage. When the sage attains understanding he is an ordinary man."

I'm also almost done with page 11, which I absolutely LOVE, and will be scanning and posting it sometime tonight .

Anders just offered to make his delicious spaghetti meat sauce for dinner tonight, so I'm going to go nap on the couch until the dinner bells rings. :)

mood: accomplished
music: Japan—Swing


Oooh, sooo neat! The AB class was fun! I'm sure we'll all get our pics up here soon!

oh, I hope so, I want to hear all about it and see what everyone did! :)

This is really lovely. All things oriental are so exotic.

This is really nice. I love the image in the upper left hand corner!

Thank you both :) I found that picture online, and loved it too.

that looks very nice :) me likes it

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