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Lather, rinse, repeat. Except I slept better last night. And am in a better mood.

I wish I could stop this compulsion to write down everything I accomplish during the day. I know that no one really cares except me. I do it at work, too. Even though no one ever wants to see it, like my boss for instance during salary reviews, I keep a list of all the projects I've completed, for my own record. Even if I don't impress anyone but myself, that must count for something, right?

Other compulsions I wish I could stop: DOING SOMETHING EVERY MINUTE.


HAHAHAH!! I just saw that the little LJ people heads that preface an LJ user's name today have pirate eyepatches! YAAR!
mood: amused
music: nothing. just me.


Yea! You slept better. And btw, I think that impressing yourself is a very good thing. It's good for you to review all that you've done before a salary review (even if the boss doesn't) A reminder of what you already know, namely, how good you are at your job! The boss is probably afraid that he/she couldn't afford you if they knew all the projects you'd completed. : )
And what is this pirates thing and captain's log all about anyhow?

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