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I think my books-to-read pile has reached unwieldy proportions. It's listing to one side. It's spreading. The trouble is, finding the time to sit down and them all! Not that this stops me from buying more books, or using my mom as a procurer. And damn, I'm reading as fast as I can!, I swear!

I have dreams about being able to do nothing but read all the books I want. Also, why didn't anyone introduce me to Josephine Tey any sooner?? I just started reading The Daughter of Time and I may be up all night now. Partly because I won't be able to read again after tonight for the next 2 days because I am going to a book fair! whee! with a bunch of fellow book groupie friends! double whee!

Yep, leaving tomorrow after work to drive up to a friend's summer house halfway between here and Gothenburg where we'll spend the night and get up early on Saturday morning to spend the entire day breathing in the intoxicating smells of freshly printed books and listening to authors and publishers and other bookwormy people speak. There will be salmon for dinner and I am bringing marzipan-flavored, chocolate-covered petit fours. YUM! And did I mention there will be books? Books galore! I am bringing a backpack for book purchases muahahaha!

I can't think of any better way to end this week, unless I can fit sushi and a massage in somewhere. :D

Maybe I should bring two backpacks?
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music: Johnny Clegg—Makahbelene


I love Bok och Bibliotek, I used to go with work.

Can you believe, after 10 years in Sweden, this is my FIRST visit!?

Wow! Those are some serious lists of books! And I thought I was doing good at two books a month.... Note to self: not a competition. :D

No, definitely not a competition! :) And keep in mind, I speed-read, so I'm not normal. :D

When I worked at the Mässan I was astonished to learn that a large number of exhibitors throw the books away when the convention is over! Huge dumpsters full of brand new books. I was horrified. We dug through the piles and took whatever caught our fancy. :)

Oh my god, that's awful! D: what a waste! Why can't they at least DONATE them somewhere??! I can't stay that long (we're only going for Saturday) or I'd be in there dumpster-picking too!


Oh, be still my heart. Books! New, fresh, delicious books. I'm longing for a day with nothing but reading, reading, reading. I'm so glad there's a good ending for Week 38 for you...

Lately I'm on a gold streak when it comes to finding a good book - but Jane Eyre is languishing on the bookshelf, it's just not the right time for Gothic novels. Maybe when January comes, all drizzly and rainy.

And would you hate me if I told you I ate sushi tonight?

:) Sam

no! Yay for sushi! :D I'll be having it on Wednesday with a friend, so I can wait. :) I'm just hoping there are lots of ENGLISH books at this book fair. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Me too with the pile of books to be read. I'm not coming to the book fair this weekend. Because I'm planning to stay in my jimmie jammies all weekend long reeeeeeaaaaading in bed! Yummilicious.

O! I don't know which sounds better, honestly! :D

oo..the book fair is this weekend? can you believe ive never been there and gothenburg is a short car ride away! man oh man i love the smell of books!!

I think it actually started yesterday or today. It goes until Sunday. :)

I am off to the book fair now! I would like to go this weekend and see Frank McCourt speak (hear him speak?!), but I get a free pass at work and this morning it is closed to the public, so I can browse and snoop around without all of the masses.

I am psyched!

Oh, please read "Affinity" by Sarah Waters. I would love to know what you think of it.

Enjoy your weekend

I keep picking up her books in the bookstore and putting them down again...have you read her? I don't know why I haven't bought any of her books, they all look interesting.

have fun and don't walk behind any exploding cars. :-)

Have a grrrrreat time! Thanks for the author recommend, I'll definitely look Ms. Tey up.

I'm a bit late, but give me a ring if you pass by Ängelholm and want to get some sushi here (and pet the black and white kitty!) 0431-433498

oh bummer! I wish I'd gotten this email sooner! I would have loved to stop by for both and to see the baby! (although I did have 2 other people in the car who might not have been so amenable).

Ohhhhhhhhh....I am so jealous...

books, books, books!!!


Have a great time!

Also, why didn't anyone introduce me to Josephine Tey any sooner??

Ooo, Brat Farrar! Miss Pym Disposes! Goooooood stuff!

Hope you have/had a ball at the book fair, too. :-)

oooh, i do not have to wish you a good time at the book fair, cause i know you will have one! but i am surprised you are only bringing one backpack, i would have though you would have brought a giant sized suitcase! hahahaha. sounds like you will have good eats as well, you lucky duck!

ohyum yum yummer-roooo!

a book weekend-- you are in heaven, my friend!

And you deserve it!


I'm a little tardy here. You're probably at the book fair right now enjoying yourself : )
Hope you decided to take 2 backpacks or that you one is large.
Let us know what you got.

You kill me with your reading obsession. I like to think I'm a fairly regular reader...if nothing else, I at least read a bit every single night before turning off the light. But whenever I read about your reading habits, I feel like a total slacker! :)

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