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I think my books-to-read pile has reached unwieldy proportions. It's listing to one side. It's spreading. The trouble is, finding the time to sit down and them all! Not that this stops me from buying more books, or using my mom as a procurer. And damn, I'm reading as fast as I can!, I swear!

I have dreams about being able to do nothing but read all the books I want. Also, why didn't anyone introduce me to Josephine Tey any sooner?? I just started reading The Daughter of Time and I may be up all night now. Partly because I won't be able to read again after tonight for the next 2 days because I am going to a book fair! whee! with a bunch of fellow book groupie friends! double whee!

Yep, leaving tomorrow after work to drive up to a friend's summer house halfway between here and Gothenburg where we'll spend the night and get up early on Saturday morning to spend the entire day breathing in the intoxicating smells of freshly printed books and listening to authors and publishers and other bookwormy people speak. There will be salmon for dinner and I am bringing marzipan-flavored, chocolate-covered petit fours. YUM! And did I mention there will be books? Books galore! I am bringing a backpack for book purchases muahahaha!

I can't think of any better way to end this week, unless I can fit sushi and a massage in somewhere. :D

Maybe I should bring two backpacks?
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