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Bad mood: tried to order a Clone Trooper costume for Anakarin Karin online yesterday and my card was not approved. Called the customer support in the States and was basically given the following advice: "ummmmmmmm dunno. can ya try again tomorrah?" Which I did, but no dice.

Good mood: gave up and called my sister in St. Louis and had HER order it including shipping to me, then bought her 2 bottles of her favorite perfume (at her request, and with the SAME CARD that wasn't approved at the other site) to pay her back

Bad mood: Anders is gone again this week and I have a big meeting tomorrow evening that I really really don't want to miss

Good mood: his parents are going to babysit...although I do have to zoom home early and pick up the kids and get them to Oxie before I meet my friend for dinner before the meeting.

Bad mood: don't feel like writing even though I'm sure there are things I could write about. Why am I in such a slump?

Good mood: because reading-me is sitting on top of writing-me, squashing the motivation out of her *does a happy book dance*

Bad mood: have had really bad headaches all week, which come on fast and won't be denied, even by 3 Advil at a time.

Good mood: had a massage at work today; neck, back, shoulders and JAW. Mmmmm

Off to edit and await the final slides for the presentation for tomorrow!
mood: busy
music: Scissor Sisters—I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

"happy book dance"


Hey, get rid of those headaches (are they reading related? need new glasses?)
Are they migraines? You know what they say about migraines... one sure way to get rid of them.

Re: "happy book dance"

what do they say about migraines? I get them a lot, way too often. :( I don't know if these are stress-related, work-related, or what. My glasses are fairly new so it shouldn't be that, but I sit in front of a computer all day long. I suspect it's a combination of things causing them.

Re: "happy book dance"

Migraines are somehow linked to hormones. They say sex, or rather, orgasm will make a migraine disappear........ Let us know if it really works : )

Re: "happy book dance"

If only Anders weren't out of town right now!!

Re: "happy book dance"

Well, put it in your hat for future headaches.

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