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That spinning sound you hear? The loud, whirring one?

Yeah. That's my head.

Also, remember my foot that I busted up on Valentine's Day last year? Yeah, I dropped a heavy metal chair on it while we were rearranging before the meeting tonight, in the EXACT same place and oh dear, oh shit, OW OW OW I think I really did a number on it again. :(
mood: busy


Ask already!!!! Total BUMMER on the foot it is soooooo easy to reinjure once damage is done.. : (


Oh no! I hope it wasn't serious last night.

It hurt like hell last night driving home, and is tender today, but not as bad as I had feared. Thanks :)

OUCH! I hope things calm down a little and you can lay off that foot!

Oh nooo! How's it feeling today?

Oh, I read the other comment, glad it's not black and blue. BTW I'm in the seat behind you on the train to Busyville. Gah, I'm not cut out for this pace!

maybe one of us should pull that emergency stop strap?! or, well, not yet as I'm enjoying the ride right now, but keep your hand on it anyway, because we may need to STOP SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

As once sung by Bob Marley: Stop that train, I'm leaving..

It was one of the first songs in English that I tried to transcribe to paper. I can tell you there were plenty of words I misheard, and it took years before I knew enough words to get most of it correct. Perhaps his thick Jamaican accent made it more difficult?

Glad to hear that it's not as bad as you initially feared, but still...owie!

Okay, now, b r e a t h e ... b r e a t h e ...


Ooooooooooooo! Yeowtch! So sorry about the foot vs. chair confrontation!

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay too familiar with that sound this week. I'm looking forward to the weekend - I hope it's a little slower.


I know that sound! So sorry about your foot ~ I hope it's OK.

~Lynn (

It seems I didn't do it any permanent damage :) thanks!

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