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Ugh, another year older. The numbers on these birthdays are nothing to celebrate, says me.

That said, Anders did a lovely job of coming through on the sparkly side. I got woken up this a.m. by two way too bouncy children, and was given a gorgeous fuchsia-pink potted begonia (from Martin & Karin) and, from Anders, a beautiful bracelet from Viking Kristall made of peridot beads with a larger oval pearl in the very center. :) Happy Happy!

Yet another bee-oo-ti-ful day and we're headed to the beach, even though the beach is not my #1 choice for birthday destinations. Later we'll be in Oxie for a joint b-day celebration as Anders' dad's birthday is on Tuesday.

Mom called me yesterday since she was going to be gone today, and had mailed me several things I've been needing and asked for. :) Best Mom! There are still a few too many things that I can't find here and have to import from the States. Not so much food items, as those I can usually either find or there is a substitute for them, but toiletries are harder, and when you're happy with your brands, it's nearly impossible to switch.


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