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Ways today was not so great:
  • having my colleague burst into tears on the phone due to the personal stress she's been under lately, with added work stress and jetlag on top

  • worked until 7 p.m.

  • having a really sore neck for the 2nd week in a row. Let GO, cryk!!

  • not having time to go for a walk

  • not having time to edit my book

  • unable to stop thinking about all the truly frightening facts in the book I just finished: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore

Ways today was pretty damn great:
  • FINALLY got my hair cut and colored. Barky looks FABULOUS! and I have a new hairdresser :)

  • finding out that a store in Copenhagen that a friend recommended to me has opened a boutique in the same shopping center where I get my hair done. Pretty clothes! At affordable prices! IN MY SIZE!

  • buying the first 2 pairs of pants I've ever bought in Sweden, in my nearly 10 years of living here, at said store

  • getting my plane tickets and hotel reservations for my work trip to PARIS next week. woot!

  • Karin's clone trooper costume arriving in the mail (thanks, Sarah!) and getting ahold of the parts needed for mine and Martin's costumes

  • finishing the AWC directory to a state of 95% ready-to-printness. Nearly. Done.

I need a userpic for "crazybusy." Okay, yeah. that's all for now.

What was good about YOUR day?
mood: busy
music: Sundays—Wild Horses


Bad: sitting for four hours in a small server room (former shower room) trying to configure a database, web server and all that junk. The server in question makes noise in the 80-90 dB range (I AM NOT KIDDING!) and I wonder why I didn't find a way to work from remote, at least in the office space outside the shower room. I didn't get to fully finish it, but the remaining stuff I can do remotely.

Worse: developing a headache from all that noise and lack of food.

Good: getting home, make some food and take a short nap to shake off the worst part of the headache.

headaches suck! hope you feel better today


Good: Having lunch out with my Mother, and then taking her to get a rolling walker with a seat!
Bad: wondering how long it will remain in her car before she'll give in and start using it!
Good: wonderful warm 70* weather!
Bad: sitting inside at the computer instead of being out in the garden!
Love, Lizardmom

Good: Finding out I may need to go to Hawaii next week for a business trip - YAY Hawaii!
Bad: Finding out I may need to go to Hawaii next week for a business trip - BOO last minute travel & re-arrange my life plans. Plus BOO needing to wait all stinking day for the final word.

Oooh! I think the good far outweighs the bad there! HAWAII! lucky duck! :)

Wow- I got tired just reading about your day. Yeah for pants and Karin's costume arrival especially!

The last 3 weeks have been like this! :/

Paris! WOOHOO!

good about my day:
*using my new floral "frog" with some small white asters in a shallow dish
*spending time with my friend Jim
*cracking up in the Halloween aisle at the store when Jim jokingly suggested I use fake Halloween teeth as temporaries when I have my dental surgery
*yum veggies and rice noodles with spicy peanut sauce
*using my new gel roller pen (I'm easy)

vampire teeth!


Good: being handed the first chapter of a book someone I love is writing
Good: laughing out loud at the funny parts

Bad: work stress

Question: where is the store?

Observation: So glad you found a hairdresser you like! I did ask mine what she'd charge you and forgot to pass the info on: 500-700 depending on how long your hair is.

Was that for both color AND cut? Because if so, I might have to give her a try. That is HALF what I pay. :(

The store is called Zizzy and it's at Caroli City! I can't wait to go back!! She said they will be getting a ton of stuff in during October. :) *happy dance*

PS So cool about the book!!

My good thing for the day was that my dad is a whiz at fixing cars - My car croaked yesterday, and I had an inkling that it was the battery, but wasn't sure. Dad was able to confirm my diagnosis & fix it - wooooo hoooo! No labor charge! Just a great big thanks & a hug paid my bill (well, that and a check for $68 for the battery!) =)

I'm tired just reading about your day though! I hope you got some rest last night.

Paris! How wonderful :o)

Poor colleague -- I hope things improve for her soon! :-(

Yay! for haircuts & colors. Isn't it amazing, how it can totally lift your spirits? And new clothes, and PARIS, and costume madness -- I'm totally envious!

You wouldn't believe how many compliments I got today!! I should do this more often! :)

and post pictures!

maybe tomorrow. then again, maybe not. :P

You must be strong and try not to dwell on the Gore-y details. It's powerful, eh? Lady Di has a copy of the book signed by Al, because they serve on the same board together. They are pals.
Post a pic of your new hair!!


What was good about my day?
* Getting your lovely comment on my blog. Thank you. You make me smile a zillion times.
* Taking a hike in the late afternoon up the mountain behind my house, with the trees all golden with autumn light.

OH, and PARIS? SOOO jealous.


you do realize going to both SCOTLAND and PARIS within the same six months is, why it's, how shall I put this, it's truly-- GAHHHHhhhhhhh.

sob. it's awesome, you lucky thing.


Re: ahem

well, I DO live in Europe already, so I sort of have an advantage. And Paris is for work, so it only barely counts. :) It's like going to DC would be if I worked in Chicago. (that didn't make you feel any better, did it??)

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