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Ways today was not so great:
  • having my colleague burst into tears on the phone due to the personal stress she's been under lately, with added work stress and jetlag on top

  • worked until 7 p.m.

  • having a really sore neck for the 2nd week in a row. Let GO, cryk!!

  • not having time to go for a walk

  • not having time to edit my book

  • unable to stop thinking about all the truly frightening facts in the book I just finished: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore

Ways today was pretty damn great:
  • FINALLY got my hair cut and colored. Barky looks FABULOUS! and I have a new hairdresser :)

  • finding out that a store in Copenhagen that a friend recommended to me has opened a boutique in the same shopping center where I get my hair done. Pretty clothes! At affordable prices! IN MY SIZE!

  • buying the first 2 pairs of pants I've ever bought in Sweden, in my nearly 10 years of living here, at said store

  • getting my plane tickets and hotel reservations for my work trip to PARIS next week. woot!

  • Karin's clone trooper costume arriving in the mail (thanks, Sarah!) and getting ahold of the parts needed for mine and Martin's costumes

  • finishing the AWC directory to a state of 95% ready-to-printness. Nearly. Done.

I need a userpic for "crazybusy." Okay, yeah. that's all for now.

What was good about YOUR day?
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