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I am suddenly craving a Slurpee right now so bad I could cry. Or one of those plastic flat tubes of Freezer Pop popsicles. Grape flavor. WAAH!

Anders is going to the States this month for a WEEK and I am not. I am alternately resigned and crazy insane with envy. And yes, I know I am going to Paris on Monday! but I haven't been home to the States in 2.5 years (going on 3, going on 3.5, going on WAAH!) and he'll even be there for Halloween and we WON'T.

*eats a mini-Tootsie Roll from the American candy stash in a pathetic attempt to make myself feel better*

I often think that there is not enough time to get everything done that needs to get done, and in that, in a sense at least, I am right. There is not enough time for ME. Someday I will run out of time and there will still be things that didn't get done. I know! I shall leave a very long to-do list for my children. Someone's got to get that stuff done! The To-Do List From Beyond the Grave. oooOOOoooOOoooOOO scaaaary.

Karin is a mite disappointed in her clone trooper costume, because it didn't come with gloves or boots and the see-through plastic over the eyes is not only smoky grey but BLURRY (note to manufacturer: WTF?) and the face mask is just that: a face mask. It's not a helmet. It also has a little plastic loop standing up on the top which is meant to be used for hanging on the rods in the store display. But she has still tried to wear it to bed as pajamas 2 nights in a row.

My costume is ready, and we have a loaner standby for Martin in case his chosen costume doesn't get made by his slacker mother work out. Anders doesn't need a costume because HE WON'T BE HERE.


I am supposed to go pick pumpkins on Sunday morning with the AWC, but I will not have the following with me: my children, my husband, a camera, the desire to get up early.

That is, apart from the costume-gathering process which is already in progress, the first real preparation for Halloween that we usually partake in. Martin has 2 birthday parties at the end of the month with Halloween themes and we have the AWC Halloween party, and I am also FINALLY planning to get off my butt and send out a flyer to all the homes in the neighborhood inviting them to participate in a real American trick-or-treating ON HALLOWEEN itself (Swedes have quite a bit of confusion about when Halloween actually is and they often get it confused with All Saint's Day which moves around).

What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are going to be something other than yourself, that is? I've never understood people who say they hate Halloween or don't care for it. What's not to like?? I have always loved Halloween, the whole idea of it, and all the symbols of it: glowing pumpkins, black cats, witch silhouettes across the moon, dancing skeletons and leafless trees blowing in the wind. I love the childhood tradition of running incognito through the neighborhood chanting for candy and haunted houses and hayrides and pumpkin carving contests. It's the delicious thrill of cheating death in all his various guises and flinging yourself at the end of the year, wrapped up in the bright orange package of autumn, my favorite season, with candy corn on top!

Bold and Bright Birthday Wishes to galestorm and milly_bogtrot (post) and gissa (pre)!
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