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I am suddenly craving a Slurpee right now so bad I could cry. Or one of those plastic flat tubes of Freezer Pop popsicles. Grape flavor. WAAH!

Anders is going to the States this month for a WEEK and I am not. I am alternately resigned and crazy insane with envy. And yes, I know I am going to Paris on Monday! but I haven't been home to the States in 2.5 years (going on 3, going on 3.5, going on WAAH!) and he'll even be there for Halloween and we WON'T.

*eats a mini-Tootsie Roll from the American candy stash in a pathetic attempt to make myself feel better*

I often think that there is not enough time to get everything done that needs to get done, and in that, in a sense at least, I am right. There is not enough time for ME. Someday I will run out of time and there will still be things that didn't get done. I know! I shall leave a very long to-do list for my children. Someone's got to get that stuff done! The To-Do List From Beyond the Grave. oooOOOoooOOoooOOO scaaaary.

Karin is a mite disappointed in her clone trooper costume, because it didn't come with gloves or boots and the see-through plastic over the eyes is not only smoky grey but BLURRY (note to manufacturer: WTF?) and the face mask is just that: a face mask. It's not a helmet. It also has a little plastic loop standing up on the top which is meant to be used for hanging on the rods in the store display. But she has still tried to wear it to bed as pajamas 2 nights in a row.

My costume is ready, and we have a loaner standby for Martin in case his chosen costume doesn't get made by his slacker mother work out. Anders doesn't need a costume because HE WON'T BE HERE.


I am supposed to go pick pumpkins on Sunday morning with the AWC, but I will not have the following with me: my children, my husband, a camera, the desire to get up early.

That is, apart from the costume-gathering process which is already in progress, the first real preparation for Halloween that we usually partake in. Martin has 2 birthday parties at the end of the month with Halloween themes and we have the AWC Halloween party, and I am also FINALLY planning to get off my butt and send out a flyer to all the homes in the neighborhood inviting them to participate in a real American trick-or-treating ON HALLOWEEN itself (Swedes have quite a bit of confusion about when Halloween actually is and they often get it confused with All Saint's Day which moves around).

What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are going to be something other than yourself, that is? I've never understood people who say they hate Halloween or don't care for it. What's not to like?? I have always loved Halloween, the whole idea of it, and all the symbols of it: glowing pumpkins, black cats, witch silhouettes across the moon, dancing skeletons and leafless trees blowing in the wind. I love the childhood tradition of running incognito through the neighborhood chanting for candy and haunted houses and hayrides and pumpkin carving contests. It's the delicious thrill of cheating death in all his various guises and flinging yourself at the end of the year, wrapped up in the bright orange package of autumn, my favorite season, with candy corn on top!

Bold and Bright Birthday Wishes to galestorm and milly_bogtrot (post) and gissa (pre)!
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If I wait 20 more minutes then it won't be a pre-birthday anymore. And then I can eat cake. Yay! Thanks for the bday wishes.

What's not to like about Halloween? Hmmm. Giving away the candy instead of eating it, or worse, eating it and having to stare the witches and goblins in the face while you explain why there is no more?

...while you offer them an apple. HAHAHA!!

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There ought to be tons more stuff up there in the big city area. Isn't the AWC up there doing something you can go to? Or do you mean you miss it as a child? I miss it, too. Even hating all the pre-holiday shopping hype that they have in the States, I find myself even missing that!

I think I, too, will have a to-do list from Beyond The Grave. Poor Nathan. Isn't it strange, really, how you're never satisfied? How there's always something that could be done? It's hard for me to relax and enjoy the NOW, when I have to-do lists running through my head. Which is...always. *shrug* Whatchagonnado?

You said Slurpee! And for the first time in 6 years I'm living in a state that HAS 7-11!! Now I want one too!

GO! go get one! Have one for me!

Did you ever really have Halloweens like that? Running through neighborhoods in costumes?

We were allowed to trick or treat at three or four carefully selected houses in my grandparents' neighborhood. And most parents took their kids' candy to the airport or to hospitals to be x-rayed. Most of the time we just did church "fall festivals" with no costumes or references to scary things.

Oh yes, we definitely had Halloweens like that. :) I don't know if we were actually "running" but we had "real" trick-or-treat" every year that I was a kid. You forget how old I am. :)

If I would go to a Halloween party I'd be the bride of Frankenstein!
I wish I had a Halloween party to go to...

come to ours! :) I know, I know...have you checked out Svea in your area?

Smokey grey plastic for the eyes?! They do know that children trick-or-treat at night right? Did I miss it, but what exactly is Martin's outfit?

We're currently undecided, I refuse to begin the Halloween hoopla until October begins. If Hallmark had their way, we'd be out buying ghost and goblin things in August.

They don't have much of that pre-holiday shopping hype here at least, but if I don't get started early on costumes, it means digging through the kid's dress-up boxes the day before the party while they wail, "IT'S TOO SMALL, MOM!" and throw themselves on the floor.

Martin is planning to be a piece of Lego. :) I will be a bat.

thanks hon :)

There's a Halloween party here at our complex. We are probably going to put Max in a Halloween onesie and just go show him off for a few minutes. Too many germs! But free pizza can't be missed.

I'm not so sure it is Swedes in general who are confused when Halloween happens, but the shopkeepers and marketeers who for some unknown reason want to sell candles to put on graves and the "scary" stuff simultaneously. Maybe they think it is too much work to take away one bunch of seasonal stuff and put up something else the week thereafter, and therefore try to make people celebrate the two events in the same week.

At Rusta, they were beginning the Christmas decorations yesterday. IKEA already are onto it. From an ironic point of view, I loudly whistled some cheerful Christmas tunes when I was shopping there. Dunno if anyone heard or paid attention.

My mother is one of those Halloween haters. She grew to despise it because of the chore and nuisance of getting SIX children to decide upon a costume, get it made (or buy things to accompany one, like a mask), hope the child doesn't change their mind five times before the big night, race home from work on the day itself and scramble to get us all fed, dressed up, etc. Then my dad would waltz in and take us all out, leaving my mom at home to clean up the aftermath and hand out candy to hundreds of neighborhood kids.

In the town where we live now, they have a children's parade down Main Street and we've missed some of the trick-or-treating by doing that but it's fun too. We usually try to hit the houses along our street on our way to the parade. Last year Ingrid got spooked by something and just wanted to go home. :-(

This year should be fun. At last mention, Ingrid was going to be Pippi. However, she has also mentioned a ghost and a princess. Then we need something for Anders. That's a tough one. If she does Pippi, I'm thinking he could be Herr Nilsson. No one here would get it though.

I can see how I'd come to hate it too if I had SIX kids!! Oook. I would have thrown sheets with holes cut in them over the lot of you ever single year! :P

Pippi and Herr Nilsson! How inspired :) Don't you think people there know who Pippi is?? I did, even when I was a kid. I knew she had a monkey and a horse, too. :)

I'm glad I am not the only person who gets food cravings.

I totally undrstand how you are jealous of Anders coming to the US. My DH is going on a quick business jaunt to the city where we used to live. Had he been able to schedule it a few days later DD would have been on fall break and we all would have gone. I haven't been back there in nearly 2 years. So I feel with you!


All your chatter about halloween is making me very excited--this town knows how to do it up and this year, Bean's getting a costume!!! Weee!

I can't wait to see your photos and hear what you are planning. I bet your town does it up just right :)


I've decided Halloween is much more fun with kiddos around - we may actually dress UP this year! (I hate getting a costume together, blah blah blah, because my mom always MADE my costumes as child and I hate buying them.) The GBK, when I asked her, said I should be a monster! But I think I am going to be a witch, because I love witch hats.

Today I bought Halloween candles! Whee! And there's a really cute skeleton Halloween welcome mat at Target but it needs to go on sale before I'll buy it. But! It's almost time to cut pumpkins - for the past two years we've done at the GBK Clan household and now it's tradition.

And I did get to experience the whole neighborhood Halloween thing - something that doesn't happen so much these days, whatwith people not knowing their neighbors, etc. I lived on Army bases and it was always the most fun, especially when I got old enough to go without my parents!

Have fun picking pumpkins!

~Sam I Am

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