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A quiet morning, spent doing nothing much. Anders and the kids left early this morning for a weekend Scout trip, they'll be back tomorrow afternoon. I went back to bed after they left and after finishing my visit with an old childhood friend, Pippi Longstocking, I feel asleep for a couple of hours.

A quiet lunch, a quiet afternoon, spent listening to Hayley Westenra, reading, editing, solitaire. Then it was time to head out the door into the early evening and the windy weather as our choir was singing for Lomma Village's Culture Night. They are building and renovating in their harbor and have converted an old office building into a 3-story art gallery. Despite the weather, there were a lot of people milling about, and the tent outside where we were to sing was snapping and pulling in the breeze. Just as we took the stage, it started to rain, so people dashed under cover and we ended up with a larger audience than we were expecting, which was nice.

I don't really like singing choral music outside...it feels as though the music disappears right in front of me, that the sound doesn't reach past the end of the stage, although intellectually I know that's not true. With the wind gusting and the tent creaking, it was hard to judge how well the concert actually went, but the audience was enthusiastic and clapped loudly and long for an encore. :)

A quiet evening now, listening to pandora.com pick old and new favorites for me, editing, and writing and being quiet. I need this downtime, have needed it for several days, and am quietly stuffing the silence into all the corners and nooks of my brain to sustain me through the coming crazy days. Tomorrow will be quiet too, until late afternoon when my family arrives home again and friends follow on their heels for dinner.

Then the whirlwind starts up once more: a morning at work, 2 nights in Paris, choir the same day I return. Thursday I am hosting our book group, there are already 12 people signed up! I shall serve soup, as it is soup weather and soup makes me happy. Friday is a huge work party from 7 until 2 a.m. (!), Saturday we will be at the school all day for their 20-year anniversary celebration which includes exhibitions and activities and a dance show put on by the entire student body. Sunday the new webteam I am trying to pull together will be coming over for a meeting so we can nail down what everyone will be doing in the coming year, and Monday is the AWC board turnover meeting.

So it isn't until Tuesday a WEEK AND A HALF FROM NOW that I will have another free evening to try and be quiet in. I don't know that the quiet will last me that long, but I will have to hope that these 2 days will pull me through.

Pretty Petaled Birthday Wishes to bezigebij!
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