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Sometimes I think time is moving too quickly, other times I realize, like today, that it is ME that is zooming through the days, barely able to slow down enough to turn my head and realize the sun is shining, the sky is that crisp sharp autumn azure that seems unreal. The air is full of bite and breath and yet you don't need a sweater. We pulled the wooden wagon behind us to the plant nursery in search of pumpkins; alas, there were none. Or rather there were, but they were either too small to work for our-style jack-o-lanterns or WAY too large to lift. I want pumpkins that are bigger than my head, but still easy to raise and cradle.

Next weekend is being devoted to all things pre-Halloween. Pumpkin-purchasing, perhaps pumpkin carvery. Errand-driving after final costume customization paraphernalia. Halloween at Tivoli, oh boy!

A week and a half ago, here in Sweden, it was Canelbulledagen, which translates to "Cinnamon Bun Day." That makes 2 Swedish holidays I know of that are dedicated to sweet desserts. As far as I'm concerned there can't be too many holidays dedicated to sweets, and I make an immediate motion to institute Candy Corn Day ASAP! Or Mellocreme Pumpkin Day! Or hmmm...what candy holiday do you think the calendar is sadly lacking? Circus Peanut Day? PEEPS DAY!?

As I was leaving for choir, the kids and Anders were preparing to turn the kitchen into a cinnamon bun factory. Anders did the dough and then let the kids have at it. They made 60 cinnamon buns. Then because their father wouldn't let them invite all their friends over for an impromptu cinnamon bun party, being that it was too late in the evening, he let them pile half into a big basket and shooed them out into the neighborhood to deliver them door-to-door instead.

Wouldn't that be a nice surprise? Answering your doorbell to find 2 smiling children delivering FREE freshly-baked homemade DELICIOUS cinnamon buns to you?

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