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Beaten up by the gigantic never-ending everything-is-urgent to-do list this quarter month week day morning at work.

Felt like death warmed over, fever-style, after lunch, which made it harder and harder to concentrate.

Gave up at 4 and went home after I realized I had my head down on the keyboard and was massaging my temples...for the 4th time.

Stopped to pick up milk, bread, apples and the kids. Forgot to buy toilet paper. Oy! Urgent!

Tried to nap for an hour but it didn't work.

Ate chicken soup for dinner in a feeble attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Put a load of laundry in, wrapped 4 birthday presents for other people's children, made a couple of phone calls, started the bathwater for the kids.

Worked for 3 hours finalizing the AWC directory, during which I had to do the indexes over completely because the page numbering was wrong.

Attempting to think very positive thoughts about NOT being sick because I have TOO MUCH TO DO, plus sushi night is tomorrow and I don't want to miss it! There are 20 people signed up!

Going to bed now.
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