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Some mornings your mood is grey and drizzly as the cloud-covered vista beyond your bedroom window. It is one of those (thankfully) rare days when you think that if you let go the grip you have on your heart then you'll start crying for no real reason and you may never stop again. You may stop breathing with the weight of it. You wonder how it feels to smile when everything gets on your nerves and your feet are cold and your self is shriveled and puny and mean. Feel that line between your brows deepen and stick. If you're not careful, you'll freeze this way. And you're already so, so cold.

Going pumpkin-hunting helps, although at first tears threaten again when you realize you have probably left it too late in the day and everything is closed already in this country where shopkeepers have a life, for god's sake, didn't anyone tell them we want to buy pumpkins now?! The first farmyard is silent and shuttered, and though they have pumpkins, lying golden and glowing in the grass verge by the barn, there is no one about; they've been gone for 30 minutes. We drive on and the mist coats the car in a silvery wet slicker.

Your husband is heading for a big produce roadside marketplace he vaguely remembers hearing about on the road between Dalby and Lund. You sink into your seat, thinking there is no such place and behind your brain some little voice is shouting, WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? And you hear Cher say, "Snap out of it!" but the only slap is a mental one and it bounces off and skitters on the road behind you.

There IS such a place and it's open! And not only do they have perfect pumpkins, they have EVERYTHING. A long, low table piled high with tilted crates of vegetables, a vegetable rainbow, a veritable plethora of good things to eat. Artichokes like great green pointy peonies, as big as a baby's head. You take 3 right away, there's the dinner planning dealt with. 3 pumpkins, too, causing your smile to finally rise to the surface: Papa, Mama, Baby pumpkin. The children fill a brown paper bag with ornamental gourds lumpy with yellow and pale green warts. You add 2 cucumbers to the pile in front of the cashier, and when she asks if there is anything else you have to stop yourself from saying, yes, everything else and taking it all home with you.


Q. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?
A. Pumpkin pi.

mood: melancholy
music: Vanessa Carlton—Rinse


This was delightful! Thank you!

really?? Coming from you, that means rather a lot to me :)

Hee! Pumpkin pi. Contrary days majorly suck. What a way to get it turned around! Happy pumpkining.

That's exactly what it was, a "contrary day." A Jonah day, as Anne of Green Gables would have put it.

i'm kind of having that sort of day myself, and just reading about your pumpkining makes me smile. thanks.

I'm glad :)


I guess we all need the Jonah days so that we recognize the pumpkin at the end of the rainbow, right? it makes the triumph all the sweeter. Are you having the same kind of rain lashed fall we are here in Southern Ontario? So far our fall has ... has... has, well frankly? It's sucking the big one. I'm trying extra very hard not to let it get to me. But that's not easy... October is my fave month of the year and I feel like this year, it's just crushing all the jolly happy stuff outta me with it's refusal to let me have the golden edged days I long for all year long. However ... i just bought myself the most beautiful coat... the kind of coat I've been dreaming of for years and years and years (seriously! While I was standing there debating about whether to buy it or not, Johnny Pursestrings said to me, "this is exactly the kind of coat you've been talking about wanting from the day I met you. Buy it already!")... and that helps A LOT! And tomorrow, I will wear it when I myself go pumpkin patch hunting in the grey grey drizzle. And when i find just the right pumpkin, i'll smile and think of you far far away (as I do so often). And that's a promise!!!

with bright "punkin" love. wee xoxoxo

We had a torrentially rainy August, and an amazingly gorgeous September. October seems unable to make up its mind, but it's been more sodden than not. I'm afraid the leaves will all fall with damp soggityness to the ground before we get to enjoy any color at all here. wah! And I'm so glad that Johnny Personalshopper was there to give you exactly the right kind of advice! I want to hear all about your pumpkining! :)


eek. Ended up not going pumpkining as it was pouring again. Instead we went to see Marie Antoinette which I enjoyed muchly. But I thought of you there and back... thinking on the way there about how I promised to think of you once I had my pumpkin and how I did't want to let you down. So instead I thought about you as I clutched my bag of popcorn. And on the way back, the rain had stopped and dusk was falling and t'was exceedingly Halloweeny and we passed at least three pumpkin patches and I thought of you each time. :D


o, that was me... wee!

That's an awful lot of thinking about me! Sure your hair wasn't doing a sympathy-frizz in response?? :D


It was, in fact, frizzing big time, but I'm pretty sure that had more to do with the rain and the damp than with sympathetic styling vis a vis your glorious moplet!

Aw, glad a trip to the pumpkin patch lifted your spirits. I hate when tears are so close to the surface >:o[

Me, too. I would have suspected it was that time of the month but it isn't. I blame it on the weather.

Despite not having a husband, not having kids, never having been to Dalby or Lund, not celebrating Halloween, and thus never shopping for pumpkins, or indeed other large amounts of produce from a roadside marketplace, and rarely listening to Cher, I could totally relate to this post :)

I rarely, if ever, listen to Cher myself. That line is from Moonstruck. :) And you are missing out, girl. Go buy a pumpkin!

That was a lovely post. So glad for the happy ending.

I sat here dumbfounded when I read the part about Cher's "Snap out of it!" in your head because I also have Cher's "Snap out of it!" in my head. Do you think there are a lot of us carrying her around that way?

I suspect so. She made quite an impression with that speech :D

I have a lot of lines from Moonstruck in my head. "Someday you'll be dead and I'll come to your funeral in a red dress!"

My favorite scene is where her mom is making the roommate and I left the theater when we saw the movie, went straight to the grocery store and bought eggs and thick delicious Italian bread and then went straight home and made some for ourselves. :D

That was a good read although I feel guilty for enjoying it because it was your downtrodden mood that triggered the entry. I hope bright orange pumpkin cheerfulness rubs off on you!

It has, today was MUCH better, even though the weather was of the sporadic type. :) Sometimes it's the worst moods that generate the best writing. Weird.

I'm sorry you pulled a gray day today.
I hope tomorrow's is tinged with the orange left on your fingers.

Off topic question: would you call your green walls more of a minty green, grey green or kaiky(sp?) green.

Hmmm...I would call them a sage green, I guess grey-green is closets. :)

it's okay it's okay it's okay

it's all okay--- it may not FEEL okay (I mena who wants to be filled with piss and vinegar?) but it happens to us all and I trust it passes by soon.

Love you either way-- bluepoppy

Well, I guess I'll go get a pumpkin tomorrow!

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