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Back and forth and back and forth

I left work early this afternoon and picked up the kids and took them to a big playplace in Lund that was holding an English-speaking afternoon. Turns out the playplace is owned by an American guy and he was looking for a way to meet other English-speaking people so he planned a 2-hour get-together and put the word out everywhere he could think of. One of my first reactions after hearing this, was well, why haven't you joined one of the 2 expat organizations that are right here in the area? But of the 10 people that showed up, only 3 of them were members of the the AWC and only 1 of them was a member of the other club. The lady that was the guest speaker is one of the expat names I've been hearing everywhere in the past couple of years, she gives talks on living in Sweden, among other things, and seems like a really cool lady. Another woman who attended recently started a magazine for English speakers in Skåne called South of Sweden that has been very well received. I actually had a moment of feeling I was in the presence of very cool kids. Kids that I want to play with.

The children had all disappeared into the bowels of the bouncy castles and jungle gyms and since it was a Tuesday evening there were very few other customers than us. We commandeered one of the incredibly well-decorated party rooms for our roundtable, but as we sat and talked, it became clear that the playplace owner and most of the others were looking to start an ongoing group that would meet once a month. Warning bells actually went off in my head. Uh oh, I thought. This is starting to look and sound like another potential COMMITMENT. Another thing to add to my calendar. Another thing to make time for.

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

I liked the people I hadn't met before and like I said, there were several that I would really like to get to know a bit better, but oh dear...the thought of adding another THING to my life and my schedule made my neck tense up as we sat there and it hasn't untensed yet. :( Mixed feelings are such a drag.

Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth

I have lots of friends NOW that I don't have time to get together with. I have lots of projects NOW that sit untouched and unstarted in various parts of the house and my brain. When you have something that needs to get done, ask a busy person to do it, goes the saying, but honestly...there must be a line somewhere, and I'm pretty sure I already crossed it long ago.

It would only be once a month, assuming it gets off the ground and assuming it takes on a regular schedule and it's a chance for the kids to play (sort of) with other English-speaking children on a semi-regular basis but the warning bells are still ringing. I suppose I should just see what happens. Maybe it won't come to anything! Or! Maybe it will!

I couldn't even decide which userpic to use to accompany this post. I went back and forth and back and forth—it was a toss up between these two:

Shout-Out to jes6ica! Thanks for the lovely newyorky artwork! I love it! Is it from the art meme or is it a page for my friendbook? Or both?
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