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Karin has a misplaced faith in my ability to carve pumpkin masterpieces after I did a Bionicle Mask of Light (under duress) for her 2 years ago...this year I narrowly escaped having to figure out how to carve a Darth Vader pumpkin. May the Gourd be with you! With the help of our first ever pumpkin carving kit pattern, Karin instead chose to go with a Flaming Skull, while Martin and I opted for more traditional jack o'lanterns, after I realized that the darn things were nearly 2 INCHES THICK. They have to last until Tuesday so they're sleeping in the garage during the nights, which are getting progressively colder, although I *knocks wood* still haven't had to scrape car windows in the morning.

So far, the week-and-a-half of single parenting is going swimmingly, although having to leave work early each day to pick up the kids is starting to make me feel a little stressed. I just talked to Anders and he found a super deal on a new little digital camera for me, to replace the one that disappeared...which I'm convinced will turn up within days of his bringing the new one home. :P

Just got the last pieces of the AWC newsletter content I was waiting for, so I can upload everything for proofreading tonight! Yay! 1 more thing off my to-do list!

mood: busy
music: Incubus—Southern Girl


haha! A happy pumpkin, a scared pumpkin and a scary pumpkin. You guys have all of the bases covered. Good job!


Awesome pumpkins!!! May the gourd be with you too!
As for the camera turning up then just forward it here and you can even put xmas wrap on it. : )

I would go for the play group if I were you at least to see how it goes. you can always cancel later, or go irregularly.
Love your Seester.

very pretty & I have to agree with Karin that the flaming skull looks AWESOME!


I love the pumpkins. Another great photo to put in my Pumpkin Bedroom!
Karin is really stretching out- no more babyface! Love, Lizardmom

I never get tired of looking at pics of your kids. They are SO photogenic. The pumpkinslook great! I am going to play master carver this weekend.

aw, thanks! :)


Photogenic and look so much like their mother. :)



I love your pumpkins! Thanks for the good ideas - I think it's far past time for me to get cracking on carving my pumpkin! I love the moon eyes - but I'm also thinking hearts for eyes, so they don't look too scary.

:) Samiam

very nice!

What masterpieces !

Nice jack-o-lanterns! I've got to get one and get busy.
Did you put your order in for peeps?

Oh, I vote with your seester on the play group. I know about one more of too many things, but the English bit is something you've been calling in.

no, I didn't...I didn't ask for much candy. Might have to call Anders and tell him to pick some up and some mellocreme pumpkins as well! :)

What!? You didn't ask for beloved peeps?

Well, last year I gave him a huge list of candy and it lasted FOREVER but in the end, if it's in the house, I EAT IT. Not really what I need to be doing, if you know what I mean. So, this time I tried to keep it suitably low on the candy shopping list.

Dude, evil punkin on the right is going to *eat* the others. The middle one looks scared, because he is next. The one on the left is blissfully unaware.

It IS scary, isn't it? Karin was DELIGHTED, needless to say! :D

Oh My gosh!

Well, I am not sure what to be more scared of....
Either Karens flaming skull face, or the fact that my musically uncool sister has discovered INCUBUS.....hmmmm. Ill have to go with the sister...

and those templates for pumpkin carving are cheating...

Re: Oh My gosh!

cheating, schmeating. And Incubus was suggested for me by Pandora. :) I liked that song, anyway!

Happy Halloween

Great jack-o-lanterns, and a great picture of the kids!

Cool Pumpkins

Very nice work...maybe her faith isn't so misplaced as you would believe.

Yup, they're adorable, it's been confirmed. :-) We're looking forward to some hardcore carving this weekend. Hopefully we'll have equally good results as yours.

Question for you: What is pumpkin patch in Swedish? My husband is useless and doesn't know. I remembered you organized a trip to a pumpkin patch so your my best hope.


I figured as much but it's good to get confirmation. :-) Tackar tackar.

Very cool pumpkins!

I love carving jack-o-lanterns...maybe I should buy a couple pumpkins this weekend....hmmmmmmmmmmmm

great work :)

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