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I'm bored.

Well, I'm doing stuff, but I'm not really in the mood. Editing. Surfing the web. Meh.

Talked to Anders twice...he was at the airport in DC getting ready to fly to Chicago. Maybe it's not boredom. Maybe it's GREEN-EYED-ENVY.

Nah. It's boredom.

Bo Red

Bore D

What do you do when you are bored? I always want to flop around the house and heave great dramatic sighs. But the kids are in bed and they would get up and come to see what I was doing and then Martin would probably roll his eyes at me and go back to bed to read.

Hey ask me some questions or something! Or hey, maybe we could play Truth or Consequences! hahahaa! Remember that game? Hrm. Maybe better not. Anyway, there's never anyone online on a Friday night anyway. sigh

BUT! Not too bored to wish a Happy Birthday to pastaqueen!
mood: bored
music: David Bowie—Sorrow


Wow! I never thought I would see you type those words, Liz! You are always on the go. Enjoy this time you have! I wish I had your drive and ability to get things done. When I have free time, I like to craft or watch TV. The best shows that I've seen lately are Entourage and How I Met Your Mother.

Oh, and I'm on the net tonight too, but I'm also making a necklace while watching a movie. Glad to see someone else is here!

haha! Well, I'm still DOING stuff...I'm just not really in the mood. :P Even in the most bored bored moments though, the impulse to turn on the TV rarely strikes. :)

Oh, and here is a question. ;)

How do you stay on top of everything so well? Do you ever just lose it and want to wish most responsibilities away?

I almost never procrastinate. That's my biggest secret. Also, I'm speedy.

And I don't exactly lose it, but I DO collapse once in awhile and basically pyjama my way through a weekend.

Aahhhh! That is a good method to have. I think procrastination is my downfall. I sometimes have "pyjama weekends" too when things get too hectic at work. I think that's the scariest part of trying to start a family. Wondering if I'll be able to deal with it all. I always wonder how couples with children deal with all the extra duties too. I hope that I'm half as good of a mom as you. You make it all look so easy. :)

Then I've totally got you snowed. :) It's not easy at all.

Well, okay, some parts are easy. Martin was pretty easy. But Karin? Oy vey. It's a lot easier now, though. :) If you give up on keeping up with culture/music/film and keeping your house clean, parenting is a snap! Har!

Also bored. Watched Idol on TV. Waiting now for the results of the voting. That is the very definition of bored.

Jamie #2 book is not as exciting as book #1 was. I've even been *gasp* skimming the battle scenes. Honkshu. The cover promised "plenty of action, plenty of sex." NOT. Will you bring book #3 with you on Monday?

Are you already plugged into the Happiness Project? Some good reading there...(thanks to courtesy for telling me about it).

Battle scenes were made for skimming. That's how I finally managed to get through Gone With the Wind. I'll bring #3 on Monday, but I'll warn you right now, I'm in the middle of #4, so if you read 3 as fast as the first 2 you won't get the next one(s) for awhile.

Who got voted off from last week? We actually watched it. It was rock theme and very painful to sit through. What was the theme tonight? I forgot it was on.

*off to check out happiness!*

I only read 2 so fast because I was home sick and had the time. Being sick was such a hassle I will be going to work if I'm sick from now on.

The long haired lion looking guy got voted off last time. Snäcken eller något sådant? I missed the beginning tonight so I'm not sure what the theme was and after watching most of the performers I'm still not sure. Rock something though. Magnus sang U2 In the Name of Love and made the chick judge cry.

THe chick judge needs a giant SLAP from me. And good, that long-haired guy was awful.

Tonight's Idol theme was "songs other people sang during audition", mainly those who are tone deaf and now we got a chance to hear a fair version of the same songs.


The theme I think was "Idol favourites". They picked a song from the most popular songs from the auditions.

I am not following Idol as much as I used to. I think the standard is all-time low this year. There is only one with some quality and that is Marcus. Not that he made ME cry though. ;)


"Most popular" doesn't always have a positive meaning. Ask the poor jury :-)

I agree about the standard. Now six contestants remain. While there are no big disasters that get voted through week after week only due to their popularity, there are few obvious contenders for the final title. Perhaps Markus, but against whom? By the way, he has one of the most unusual job titles of the pack: "rivare". (demolisher of buildings?)

Do something that you've really been wanting to do lately, even if it's not considered a "fun thing."

Or play a practical joke on your kids :oP

can't, they're sleeping! Although, I suppose I could put toothpaste on their noses...hahaha!

It's 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night. I'm so lame.


Haha what a funny coincidence. "Truth and consequences". I watched a show on TV earlier this evening, British I think, and they played that game and called it "truth and dare(?)" (Not sure if "dare" is the right word, it just sounded like that was what they said... ) I actually reacted to that. Since in Swedish it's "sanning och konsekvens" and I always thought the English name was the same, "truth and consequences". After the show I thought I was wrong - that that was some kind of Swenglish I had made up. And now I see you use "truth and consequences" in your blog a couple of hours later! Is "truth and dare(?)" the British name of the game and "truth and consequences" the American or do you say both maybe? Or what!?

You English-speaking people speaking different Englishes do your best to totally confuse us non-natives don't you? I feel a conspiracy here!


I think it might be one of those things that it just depends on what part of the US you grew up in; like pop vs. soda, supper vs. dinner, and cellar vs. basement. I grew up calling the game Truth or Dare, but I have heard it called Truth and Consequences by people who lived elsewhere. :)

Just like the various Smurf dialects

Smurfberry or strawsmurf? Cork smurf or smurf screw? To smurf a bike, or to ride a smurf? :-)

Actually, you are both right. I was tired and goofy last night, for sure. The game WE played WAS called Truth or Dare...but there was a TV show called Truth or Consequences. :)


So can you call the game truth or consequences too or is truth or dare the correct name? I wouldn't make a fool of myself if I used truth or consequences?

In Swedish you sometimes "slang" it into sanning eller konka. :)


Well, the game we played OURSELVES was always called Truth or Dare, so I think I would stick to that. :)


Great - thanks. "Truth or dare" it is then. TV is the best English teacher! I think TV has taught me more English than any school. Yay for subtitles!


Sanning eller konkurs? ;-)

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