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Well, that was fun, but I am totally wiped out now! We had the big AWC Halloween costume party tonight, and wow, what a difference it makes with activity coordinators who are committed and hard-working and most of all, THERE. The kids and I got there at 4 p.m. to help set up the table decorations, which we brought with us: dried maple leaves in yellow, orange and red, dried rowan berries and papery orange japanese lantern seedpods.

The rest of the decorating and setup committee had been at the restaurant the evening before setting up halloweeny stuff all over the place and really bringing on the atmosphere. The kids folded napkins and put them at each place along with silverware and then distributed the leaves and berries at each candle centerpiece. Suzanne showed up shortly afterwards and began blowing up orange and black balloons and we ran around taping the columns with them. They didn't last more than 15 minutes after the children started arriving though! This was actually a smaller party than in previous years, there were only 63 guests and of those, only 28 were adults. We had an excellent buffet dinner and then the party continued with all the things which make a Halloween party for children really work: a costume parade with toy/treat bags for each child, trick-or-treating (with American candy!), pin-the-nose-on-the-pumpkin, wrap the mummy games and instead of a potato Katie played Hot Pumpkin with the kids which was a hoot.

And then everyone who was still there at 8:30 pitched in and helped clean up and take down and gather all the decorations together for packing, so we were home by 9 p.m.! The only disappointment was that they no longer have a costume contest, so Martin's awesome Lego piece couldn't win any prizes, but I think you'll all agree it's a winner! You can't see my batwings very well in the photo, but I assure you they were there, and I have to say I think my daughter has makes an excellent clone trooper (and bears an eerie resemblence to Luke Skywalker as well). She insisted on spraypainting the back of her hair white so it would look more like a helmet since her mask only covered her face. :)

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Martin's lego is great! Should win a prize indeed. Wonderful shade of blue as well. :) And Karin is a girl with a sense of details. Not leaving anything incomplete. That's cool too! It's amazing how much your children look like their mother.


Those are the BEST costumses!!

They look great!


I've never seen a Lego costume before. How cool!



Great job with the Lego costume, Martin!!! And, Karin is right - the white paint completed the look! Would have liked to see your wings. Always knew you could fly! Love, Lizardmom

bat mom rules! :-)

What fun! I have to admit...I really, really missed Halloween during our island years. But we're not allowed to dress up at school. :( BUT!...I did take Ciara trick or treating last year (our first Halloween back) and that was a blast. (We'll probably see her Tuesday night, too.)

Those are such COOL costumes!!!

Love the Lego costume!

Thanks for the show!

what a cute-fest! :)

I thought of you and the Star Wars saga when I was watching That '70's show. Eric takes every opportunity to mention Star Wars in some way. Ha ha! It just kills me. I so remember the hysteria!

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