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Anders and I woke up abruptly at 7:30 a.m. this morning, realizing that the alarms had never gone off (neither one!) and that we were WAY late. 7:30 is usually when I'm dropping the kids off. So we raced around like maniacs, getting showered, the kids up, dressed, fed, out the door. Upon closer inspection, my clock said 19.40!! So, yesterday when we were cleaning, Märta apparently unplugged it and when she plugged it back in she set it completely out of sync. :( I got to work at 8:45 a.m.

Another gorgeous sunny fall day in Skåne. This week is a crazy one, but hey, that's nothing new, right? :) Today I am picking up the kids after stopping at the store for milk and fruit, and going to the library. Anders is at a work dinner this evening. Tomorrow Karin has a dentist appointment. Wednesday is choir. Thursday is Social Circle. Friday is Sushi Night. Thank god I have sushi to look forward to, to get me through the week! :)

The grass seed is sown. Keeping fingers crossed and thumbs held that we have daytime temps of 10C+ all week to give it a chance.

Something that struck me as I was doing database maintenance at work: Why does the United States have the number 1 as their telephone country code? I supposed SOMEONE had to have it, but I wonder if it's symbolic (as in "we're #1!") or just coincidence. Or maybe the U.S. invented the system of country codes so they felt entitled.


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