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Everything's good and it snowed all damn day and it's colder than cold here. Brr, it's cold. I guess my days of wearing moccasins with no socks are over for this year. Such a bummer, that. Anders is home and O! I am glad. He also brought me one of these:

So, yay! We're a 2-camera family again. I expect we'll find the missing one any minute now, since that's how these things work.

We have:
2 cameras*
2 cars
2 children
2 cheese slicers
2 colanders
2 printers
2 calendars

We need the 2 cars, sadly. We need the 2 cheese slicers. In fact, I've often considered buying ANOTHER one because they are in constant use. They are NEVER clean for more than a minute. Whether or not we actually need the 2 cameras is open to debate, but Anders' camera is big and complicated and doesn't have a movie function and we are oftentimes wanting a camera at 2 separate places at the same time, so I guess need does enter into it. We don't need 2 colanders, but they're handy and don't take up much space. We don't need the 2nd printer, that's for sure, but we tend to hang on to electronics in the vain hope that someday we'll sell them and make a little money. HAHAHA! That is such a joke. Why do we think that? It never happens.

I don't know that anyone else needs 2 calendars, but I do. One is for events and one is for keeping track of daily things like which days the kids have gym and swimming. If you count my wall calendar at work (for quick reference) and my Outlook calendar at work I have FOUR calendars. When does it stop being weird and become a symptom of something more serious? :P We definitely need the 2 children. Well, I suppose we don't NEED them, but we're kind of used to having them around the place.

I know my mom has THREE samovars (unless she's managed to offload one or more), but it's really my dad's fault. He didn't want us kids fighting over the stuff in the house...later, after he and mom were gone presumably,...and the samovar we had growing up was a favorite take-apart-put-together toy when we were small, so he acquired two more to stave off the debilitating family-wrecking inheritance arguments. Um, we all said. The samovar is cool, Dad, but we'd rather not-fight over something more USEFUL. Why he couldn't have acquired 3 Alfa Romeo's for us to divvy up later is beyond me.

What do you have more than one of that you don't really need?

Pretty Pearly Pink and Party-filled Birthday Wishes to paprikas!

*I take that back, actually we have FOUR. But we aren't counting the old non-digital point-and-shoots. Anyone want a cheap non-digital point-and-shoot?
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