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I could not possibly be (or have been) any less motivated to do anything today but read. Not even writing holds much allure, although I've been thinking about writing all weekend, and couldn't. Friday I couldn't because I was gone all evening having dinner with girlfriends, and Saturday I couldn't because LJ was down. Well, I suppose I COULD have written, but I wasn't really in the mood, so I read instead. I read all day yesterday and all day today. I finished a 1443-page book a couple of hours ago and have just started another one. I wonder if I can take the week off work, or at least the next couple of days so I can continue the devoting-my-life-to-reading thing I've got going.

I have so many things I should be doing, but they can wait...a few more days...can't they?
mood: thoughtful
music: my book calling me to come away from the computer

goweli (from that descriptive language I sometimes study)

Well, tell us what you've been reading.

Re: goweli (from that descriptive language I sometimes study)

Right now, I'm on the latest Diana Gabaldon book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I had to go back and read the ones before, but I started with the 4th one in the series since a friend had borrowed the first one. :)

Re: goweli (from that descriptive language I sometimes study)

Oh yes. I have a friend (my angel nurse, Jill) who is currently reading Gabaldon. Myself, I am still stuck on Sharon Shinn. I just finished "The Alleluia Files"

"I finished a 1443-page book" ... I need to go lie down.

haha! this one has only 1410 pages :P

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