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Reasons the Universe is UNFAIR:
  • Someone my age should not have a) ear infections, b) acne
  • I have a painful sore throat for the THIRD time in 4 weeks. What gives??
  • Anders is going to be gone Thursday this week and ALL of next week. sigh
  • I took Advil when I got home, after eating chicken soup for dinner in a futile attempt to soothe my throat, and laid down on the couch to try and rest a bit. I woke myself up snoring. TWICE.
  • Now that it's reasonably late, late enough to retire, I doubt seriously whether I will be able to fall asleep.
  • I have too much to do at work to try and call in sick tomorrow.
  • Certain other people do not have the same sense of obligation and commitment that I do, and it's royally aggravating sometimes (and I am not talking about anyone who reads this journal, lurker or otherwise).
  • After sort of talking a friend into a commitment with me, I'm having to see her get a hella load of frustration and complication dumped on her that I didn't realize would happen...or I never would have done it. :( I feel like it's my fault, since the same thing sort of happened to a different friend LAST year, although I didn't persuade that one to the commitment she took.
  • My head hurts too much to read. Wah!!
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