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zird is the word [userpic]
Reasons the Universe is UNFAIR:
  • Someone my age should not have a) ear infections, b) acne
  • I have a painful sore throat for the THIRD time in 4 weeks. What gives??
  • Anders is going to be gone Thursday this week and ALL of next week. sigh
  • I took Advil when I got home, after eating chicken soup for dinner in a futile attempt to soothe my throat, and laid down on the couch to try and rest a bit. I woke myself up snoring. TWICE.
  • Now that it's reasonably late, late enough to retire, I doubt seriously whether I will be able to fall asleep.
  • I have too much to do at work to try and call in sick tomorrow.
  • Certain other people do not have the same sense of obligation and commitment that I do, and it's royally aggravating sometimes (and I am not talking about anyone who reads this journal, lurker or otherwise).
  • After sort of talking a friend into a commitment with me, I'm having to see her get a hella load of frustration and complication dumped on her that I didn't realize would happen...or I never would have done it. :( I feel like it's my fault, since the same thing sort of happened to a different friend LAST year, although I didn't persuade that one to the commitment she took.
  • My head hurts too much to read. Wah!!
mood: sick
music: none. I am not in the mood.


AH, sorry you're feeling poorly. Poor baby. (meant endearingly)
*HUGS* ~ wish I could send you some vicodin~ just joking~
Feel better soon.

Thanks for the hugs :)

:( i hope your week improves! wanna start a 'my husband is always away on business' club?

Aw, sorry you feel so crappy. Ihope you get some rest :o(

Working on it, but it's damned elusive, that rest!

Get well!
There's something really bad going around and it lasts forever! I know, we got it. Take it easy though, otherwise it will drag on even longer.

Bleargh. It DOES last forever. I'm calling to get in to see the doctor today, if I can get a time.

I was so sure I needed antibiotics, but I went yesterday and he said it was still just viral. He said I'd probably have to suffer a week or two more! I've been sick for 12 days now. Agggg!

Sounds like it's time for a 2nd opinion to me.


Feel better! That's an order.


yes, SIR, ma'am SIR! *salutes*

That does suck, you're right to complain, on all accounts. I hope you can get some TLC your way soon. I think things tend to seem worse when you don't feel well so hopefully that's the case with some of your points. One can hope anyway. *hugs*

I hope you're right. Thanks for the hugs.

Dear, dear Lizard...I do entirely sympathize with you. You are right that acne and ear infections and sore throats that won't quit are NOT for adults but for children who have played out in the frigging RAIN fer X-sake. Of course, there's a wee tad of guilt in there that, hey, if you WANT to take on an added burden, go ahead, but...guilt is a useless emotion that doesn't advance your cause. On the other hand, boo and hiss and urg at the other stuff. Your friends love you. There is that.

Well, the guilt isn't related to the kid-type issues, anyway. Thanks for the sympathy :)

I think I'm a bullet point. And NO NO NO NO NO my beloved friend you do NOT NOT NOT NOT need to feel one bit bad about what's happening. I just need to work out the bumps - I'm not letting it get me down one bit and I do NOT NOT NOT NOT want my dear friend Liz to feel bad one bit (as I said).

Seriously, woman, I'm glad I took on that commitment and it'll all work out because this is ME and things always work out for me.

Now take care of your body and begin to feel as fresh as a spring flower.


Pretty big bumps, though, and I admit I'm distressed. :( I was SO hoping things would go smoothly and be FUN. Thanks for the hugs, I need 'em.

Seriously, woman, I'm glad I took on that commitment and it'll all work out because this is ME and things always work out for me.

Truer words were never spoken. Cross this one off your worry list, she's a Spier woman (did I spell that right?)!


Oh, poor lovely Lizardek. It's rotten to be sick, and seriously, I don't know the last time I heard of an adult getting an ear infection! Bless your heart. I hope you got some good rest, and that maybe you can go work for part of the day and come home to rest.

Sending you lots of good chicken soup thoughts.


We're both feeling poorly, it seems. You get well soon. Don't let yourself stress out too much! Just a little. ;)


Please get better soon!



Oh sweetie, you and I need to get together and whimper. You poor thing, have some ginger lemon tea with honey--fresh ginger, fresh lemon, lots of honey and hot hot water. It always really helps my sore throats.

oh honey

I hope you get to burrow into a cocoon and stay there until you feel better. I hate the idea of you being so sick and on your own again. Sending you lots of tea & honey, cozy flannel and good movies on tv.


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