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I think my body is trying to hibernate. It keeps leaning toward sleep, dragging me down early, and making it hard for me to climb, sodden and groggy, from my bed each morning. It's no help that it's so dark out when I rise and so dark out when I come home. Each day, the longing for light gets a little harder to live with.

This morning I was handed a prescription for antibiotics, a course of twice a day for 10 days to help beat the sore throat back with a big medicinal stick. It still hurts to swallow and, while strep wasn't actually mentioned, what other kind of sore throat keeps coming back several weeks in a row? The doctor did weird me out a bit by telling me after she had taken a throat culture that if the lab results showed it was a strain that wouldn't react to the antibiotics she had prescribed, a new prescription for a different type would come in the mail. Hrm.

No choir again for me tonight, alas. I've fought a headache all day as well, and I can tell my entire outlook is being colored by the niggling edges of low-level pain. It's hard to be cheerful and positive when you're not feeling up to snuff.

Sometimes I feel I am working in the dark. Writing in the dark. Whistling as well. Am I talking to myself? If a blog falls in cyberspace and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a noise?

I am under the weather and out of sorts.

However, This is Cracking Me Up: A whole new world! The first 3 hours

Really, though, aren't we ALL under the weather when you think about it? Only airplanes at cruising altitude and astronauts and satellites are really OVER the weather. So, I guess I'm in good company. Hi there!
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Blech! I really hope those antibiotics get to work, pronto!

Me, too! I'm feeling better today, thankfully.

You crack me up with that last paragraph.

It's time to buckle down and take good care of yourself. How about soaking your feet in hot water with lavender and reading a good book. Maybe your little chicklets will give mommy a shoulder rub.

Sorry you are sick.
Be well soon.

I've got the good book and Anders gave me a shoulder rub last night that helped :)

I knew you'd have the book. And good for you, getting the shoulder rub!

Well, we're not mutual friends but I often read your entries... hope you're soon feeling tip top, and able to sing again.

Thank you for the well wishes :)

Oh, I sympathize! Get well SOOOOON!

I'm trying, honestly! :D Things feel a bit better today...hope you're starting to recover as well.

I don't want to be an alarmist but if it is strep, then you must absolutely take it easy. Strep can attack the heart and a former boss of mine's husband nearly died from over exerting himself while fighting a case of strep. It can do permanent damage if not kill you, so you might want to double check with the doctor what you have and take it VERY chill.

Get well soon!

yikes. I had a horrible case of strep when I was young, so I know it's something to be careful of. But this is actually making me start to wonder if I don't have walking pneumonia again, since it keeps coming back. I feel a bit better today, so hoping the antibiotics are already kicking in.


That's a strange expression isn't it? "Under the weather"?

Please follow my orders now and GET BETTER! OK!?


It's apparently a nautical term, from the beginning, but the phrase origin sites I checked had several different options for its actual source.

We're 25C and sunny here, so I'm happy to be under the weather!


o dear. well, i heard it. your blog falling. And it sounded like a poorly little lizardek croaking. It was laying under a drift of sodden oak leaves and looked a little fevered. So I picked it up, put it in my pocket, and brought it home with me. I plied it with peppermint tea and oatmeal cookies and it is now sleeping comfortably in a red, cinnamon scented sock on my book shelf next to the very best books.

be better!
xo Wee

Umm... I changed my mind. I'm sick too. Very sick. Come get me *cough cough* I'm ever so unhealthy *wheeze* and in need of cookies.

No cookies left! :P

I may never leave this sock.

And right you would be.
Feel better Liz.

Have you ever had the desire to be reborn as a sock puppet in your next life? ;-)

no, that implies no free will and I am all about the free will! (and the cinnamon-scented socks. and the oatmeal cookies)


LOL :D For you, Hula, I will make a special batch of oatmeal cookies. But I will have to borrow your fancy pink kitchenaid to do it right!

And oh my! I better stock up on my red sockage and books if I'm going to have all you sickies congregating here, soaking up the wee love. Mayhaps I should learn to knit or something?!!

xoxoxoxo Wee

P.S. Are you feeling better today?! hope so!

How could I not?! what with all the loving!

I read what was cracking you up. Very good, very good indeed. The sun is shining here, where do I send the letter to thank a Democrat?


Oh no Liz! Poor you - I know exactly what you are talking about. It's hard to pull out of the doldrums and the yucky feeling when the weather is dreary. Ugh. Fall is different in Sweden than it is in the US.

Take care of yourself and try to get lots of sleep so you can get some energy back.

Angela (threecrowns)


The doldrums! That always reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth...did you ever read that book? Thanks for the well wishes :)

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