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I'm so boring. At least tonight. It's nearly 10 and I haven't done much at all since getting home. I have at least managed the following, just to bore you some more:
pick up milk and apples
take the kids to the library to return books and get new ones
make dinner
run the dishwasher
edit and upload pictures to the AWC staging server

There was a package waiting for Martin & Karin when we got home, with some more clothes for Karin from her cousin Rachel (yay, sis! thanks!) and books and 2 little crafty things. The crafty things were 2 tiny little books with attached inch-square ink pads and marker pens, with flip pages and instructions on how to do thumbprint drawings. Instant hit! Martin LOVED them. He did every one of the suggested pictures. When I said he could do his own on a bigger piece of paper and that the ones in the book were just ideas, he said, "But, I want to do the ideas!" :)

I can remember doing thumbprint drawings myself as a kid, with my dad's old black inkpad (which I still have!). I think my grandma has the one I made of a giraffe still hanging in her bathroom.

Jesus. I just saw the replay of Kenny Bräck's crash last night at the Indy racing in Texas. :( I can't believe he's still alive. I saw a headline on Expressen that his mother saw the crash on TV last night. Can you imagine?!

1st highlight of the week is coming up tomorrow morning: MASSAGE! only half an hour and it's at work, but still. :) I haven't had a real massage in ages. Anders has to be begged to give me one and even then it's usually only a few minutes. His hands are always aching from hockey or working in the yard. :( You can tell the honeymoon is long over, LOL!
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God Liz, you really don't do much of anything when you get home do you? Always slacking off! I was expecting at least some repainting the living room walls, learning to Salsa and succeeding to an expert level in 30 minutes or less, followed by cooking dinner for your family and your 20 closest neighbors! :) (taste the sarcasm here please!!) I just got home,
and after my crazy day, as of 8pm had my first chance to sit and take a breath. I really didn't do much of anything today (and the dishes are still in the sink)but it felt like it, afterwards I thought 'damn its good I don't have kids, where would they fit into this craziness...' and then I read your list of small al beit not mindblowing accomplishments for the day, I think you must manage to fit more than 24 hours into your day or???

Enjoy the massge!

LOL! cut it out! :) Today, I actually thought about coming home and collapsing for a 2-hour nap on the sofa, but you guessed it. I wallpapered the kid's rooms, did an hour and a half of high-step aerobics, practiced my arias, read 2 chapters in my book of the week, fixed a fun, but nutritious supper for my family involving a rainbow of fruit flavors, and finished my Christmas shopping. And ran the dishwasher.

and gave the kids a bath.

Oh, no, wait, Anders did that.


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