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Recently travelertrish had a post where she found a whole bunch of phrases using Google to describe how busy she was. Busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest was my favorite.

Today I was damn grouchy.* I was a total grumpbucket. I was crabby, cranky, cross, bad-tempered and a thorough crosspatch.

But what was I grouchier THAN?

Poll #866090 Lizard the Grouch

Lizardek was grouchier than

*Never mind why. I'll get over it.
mood: grumpy
music: the rattling of my tin trashcan lid


Owh I love that expression!! :) And sorry, I am totally bummed out and have no inspiration whatsoever or I would have filled in your poll!

I'm sorry you're bummed out. :(

I'm revising my "limp" to "deflated".

It won't let me enter more than one! I came up with several! Lizardek is grouchier than...
...a hermit crab who lost its shell in a poker game and has to carry around an old Pepsi can as a house. old man who can't convince the kids to stop cutting across his lawn.
...a disgruntled postal worker in a state that has a manatory waiting period for purchasing firearms.
...a crazy cat lady who has run out of kibble and doesn't know how much longer she'll be able to hold off the cats.

Great picture! You would have appreciated the man dressed up as Oscar the Grouch for Halloween this year. He looked just like that, garbage can, lid, the whole nine yards.

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