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I just finished the book that we are reading for book group, which meets in a couple of weeks, and hopefully by then I will not have forgotten the plot, the characters, the things I liked and did not like about the author's writing style. I am already pretty sure that I will show up at the wrong place since it has changed and even though I KNOW THIS I seem to still have the original address firmly parked in my brainpan where it appears to have taken root. The book, Black Swan Green by David Mitchell, was very good and I can recommend it and after the marathon 1400+ page books I was reading over the last couple of weeks, its measly 371 pages was a walk in the reading park!

Karin cracks me up at bedtime. We have our little bedtime rituals each evening, which vary according to whether or not bathtime is involved, but no matter what when we go to tuck them into bed we say, "Good night, sleep tight, see you in the morning, I love you." And the kids repeat it back to us both. And we give them a kiss and a hug. It's a comfort and a prayer of sorts, I suppose. Karin insists on being kissed on the mouth and she puckers up for it. If you miss, deliberately or otherwise, she scrunches up her face and makes a "mmmmmmeee" noise through her kissylips to make sure you know you need to come back down and kiss her properly. She doesn't relax her pucker until you've kissed her correctly and if you keep missing (and mooooom, how hard can it be?) she gets scrunchier and scrunchier. Which makes me laugh harder and harder until by the end I've kissed her all over her face and am leaning with my head on her chest fizzing from the giggles while she patiently, if eye-rollingly, waits for me to behave, with her lips still perfectly puckered up. Hee!

For the past several days I have been thinking that I needed and wanted to write something about the season, about the world around me, about the damping down and dampening that is taking place as everything hunkers in for winter, but oh god, the cold and rain and wet and dark is just not the stuff of scintillating sentences. Bleargh. It is SO DARK. Relentless cloud cover and a dreary forecast of rain, rain, rain, rain has me a bit in the doldrums, especially considering it's still more than a month—an ETERNITY, it seems—until the solstice tips the scales and the sun begins its inexorably slow rise once again.

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sigh. It has been dark here too. So hard to get moving, to get out of bed, to resist the nap. I hate turning on the lights during day time hours, preferring instead to open the window coverings as wide as they go and squint about. But lately, it's been necessary.

I often wonder how much Sweden is like Canada. We live in one of the mildest micro-climates within Canada (on the Niagara Pennisula, home of many fruit orchards and wineries) but Lake Ontario is a significant factor in our weather patterns, producing much rain and cloud and humidity. We are also apparently in he snow bel (lake effect snow), but in the five years we've lived here it seems that we miss a good deal of the worst of it (just barely). I actually find myself hoping for a really good snow these days, a pristine blanket to bounce what little light there is around, but so far not even so much as a decent flurry or a hard frost.

smooch your little pucker lips for me! She's growing up so fast. In your photos lately I've noticed the little girl roundness dropping from her face, angling toward full blown "big kid-ness" and it makes me a little sad.

xoxox Wee

Well, we're on the same latitude (longitude) as

  • Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
  • The Bering Sea
  • Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Hudson Bay, Canada
  • Glasgow, Scotland
so pretty close, anyway. And we're surrounded by water on 3 sides so we get "lake effect" snow, too, but we don't get as much as we used to get in Chicago.

And I totally agree with you about Karin. I keep squishing their heads, but they WILL keep growing.

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