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OJ's book has me completely flabbergasted.

Also, grammatically speaking, shouldn't it be If I Had Done It?

If there's humor to be found in this, it's here: "If I Did It" by John Wilkes Booth
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Yes it should be that and frankly I find the idea behind the book repulsive. Please nobody buy his sick, sick attempt for legitimacy and money.

I'm afraid it's a bit of both, though most disgustingly it's likely more of the money-grab. I was eavesdropping on some people discussing it on the bus yesterday and they were saying the sad thing is that even if it flops, he's probably still guaranteed a large chunk of money or has already been paid. Sadly, I think they're correct.

It's more proof, I guess, that life's not fair (as if we didn't have enough other examples to choose from already!)

I notice a new trend that judges order that certain criminals can never profit from their crimes (book deals, interviews, etc), pity had he been found guilty, he couldn't get a dime from this. At the very least, he's a confirmed wife beater . . . that's reason enough for me to never buy a thing he writes. How must his children feel about this? If there was ever a straight up sociopath, it's that guy.

Yes, I agree. It's disgusting and in horrible taste... even if he really WASN'T guilty (which I don't believe, either.) It's a symbol of everything wrong with The System. Completely tasteless.

It is truly a sad commentary on what the publishing industry is capable of. Did you see their defense of the thing?

No, I haven't, but just the fact that they are promoting this, paying for it and trying to justify it just makes me SICK. :(

Grammatically speaking, I think it should be:

"I Did It."

True, I stand corrected. I think you've got it right.

Heh. I stand corrected.

Of course, since he has been tried and acquitted, he could even have titled it "Here's How I Did It" without any repercussions, at least legally. I don't remember how the civil trial turned out, must Google that, but the burden of proof is less in civil matters than criminal and maybe the Brown family can get a chunk of the cash he no doubt got paid as an advance for this piece of overwhelmingly egotistical garbage.

Here's the trouble -- he was found liable in the civil suit, but the victims' families cannot legally touch his NFL pension or certain other monies he has available to him.

They could benefit from any other money he makes, but he has very clever lawyers that are finding legal loopholes so that he has not paid a cent yet. When he was attending signing events for sports memorabilia, the Goldmans realized they could finally get some money out of him -- but when he heard, he quit the signing before he ever got paid. He would rather not make money than have to pay anything to the Goldmans, as part of his sick insistence that he is innocent.

In addition, the royalties for this book aren't going directly to Simpson. And since he was found not guilty in the criminal trial, he is legally allowed to benefit from the whole fiasco in any way that he wants to.

I've read semi-extensively on the case. If a couple idiotic police hadn't basically attempted to frame a guilty man, they'd have nailed the bastard. The evidence is pretty damn conclusive.

He's just been dying to confess. That he continues to find a forum to arrogantly thumb his nose at everyone is beyond belief. It illustrates the absolute worst in mass media and money-grubbing big business' ethical standards capitalizing on his infamy to publish this crap.

You know what really freaks me out... I had just come here, but before I could even read your latest posts the little alarm bell popped up on my Yahoo toolbar saying I had I read your comment email...and then what it gave me chills. How freaky is THAT?! I swear to god, this world is getting smaller and smaller all the time.

I know. I had the same chills. :( I read your post and even though I hadn't known the little girls name, all the rest of the details matched completely. I'm sitting here with chills NOW.

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