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We've been invited to a black tie cocktail party tonight, hosted by a colleague. We only had a week's notice on the invitation because Francois knew I don't drink so he thought I wouldn't be interested in attending a cocktail party but my other colleague Barbara told him he should extend the invitation and let me make up my own mind whether or not we wanted to come.

The biggest problem with this invitation wasn't at all the drinks issue, it was the BLACK TIE. We are just not black tie kind of people. We don't have any clothing that dressy, since we rarely attend functions that require that level of fanciness. Family weddings are about as dressed-up as we ever get. Plus, there is nothing in my closet that FITS! AAGH! And a week to find a babysitter was pushing the short-notice envelope and as of yesterday at 4 p.m. we still didn't have a babysitter so I was anticipating having to cancel at the last-minute. How wude.

But! our usual babysitter found a friend that was willing to step up late yesterday so that problem was remedied. However, I'm counting down at T-2 hours and I STILL don't know for sure what I am going to wear.

We are supposed to bring the fixings for our favorite cocktails and the recipe, so this morning Anders was online googling bartender guides for cocktail recipes that included Nocino, a walnut liquor that he bought in Italy last month (that sounds so jet-setty, doesn't it? Yes, dahling, when Anders was in ITALY recently, la di dah)

He found one for a cocktail called a White Walnut, but it called for White Creme de Cacao which the state-run liquor store here in Sweden doesn't carry. Finally, he came up with a cocktail recipe that calls for Nocino, rum and cream. I am taking Kahlua and cream and a big-ass bottle of Pepsi Max. Heh. Talk about jet-setty!

Francois took off TWO days to prepare for this party, so I'm a little nervous that we'll get the hairy eyeball as the only people not in prom dress and tuxedo when we walk through the door.
mood: anxious
music: the kids being extra loud in the playroom with friends


The hairy eyeball?

Heh. Well, usually that's the LOOK I get from Anders when I say something that gets up in his goat or that I give the kids when they're misbehaving.

I had to Google it! Ha ha!

I'm sure you will look fabulous, good on you for going!

Your cocktails sound intriguing...I bet they will be a hit. :)

ohhh...fancy shmancy! Id LOVE to go to a cocktail party cuz I just love cocktails! Not for the getting drunk factor though (not really into that) but cuz I think its fun to mix all those different things and come up with something that tastes great!

have fun :)


Huh, pretty fancy schmacy, and yet it's BYOC? Odd indeed.

You probably have your outfit all worked out by now, but something good for next time (that you could buy anytime) would be a formal, swishy long black skirt and a pretty top, either with sequiny or satiny or whatever you like. I noticed a lot of this thing while shopping with my mom for her outfit for my wedding - not her taste, but definitely mine! And you could wear the skirt forEVAH!!

Hope you have fun with your Pepsi Max! That is so making me giggle!

:) Sam


Everyone only notices how THEY look... especially after a few. I am sure you looked goooooorgeous.


Oh, I hope you are comfortable, and have fun!

love that neck photo

swishy parties are FUN! hope yours was all LAH with lots of DEE dah


Re: love that neck photo

It was fun and great food to boot :)

So, how'd it go? Do tell.

It went fine, but I definitely felt like a fish out of water. :)

I feel your pain. I don't even have nice clothes to wear to WORK, let alone some fancy get-up. Hope you're having a lovely time. I'm sure your personality will dazzle them, regardless of what you wore.


I love getting super dressed up, but don't have any occasions to wear ballgowns. (Am trying to figure out if fishnets are too much for a party tonight...)

Wow sounds like an elegant party. We are not black tie dresser-uppers either so I can imagine the scramble for an outfit. Hope you had fun.

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