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We've been invited to a black tie cocktail party tonight, hosted by a colleague. We only had a week's notice on the invitation because Francois knew I don't drink so he thought I wouldn't be interested in attending a cocktail party but my other colleague Barbara told him he should extend the invitation and let me make up my own mind whether or not we wanted to come.

The biggest problem with this invitation wasn't at all the drinks issue, it was the BLACK TIE. We are just not black tie kind of people. We don't have any clothing that dressy, since we rarely attend functions that require that level of fanciness. Family weddings are about as dressed-up as we ever get. Plus, there is nothing in my closet that FITS! AAGH! And a week to find a babysitter was pushing the short-notice envelope and as of yesterday at 4 p.m. we still didn't have a babysitter so I was anticipating having to cancel at the last-minute. How wude.

But! our usual babysitter found a friend that was willing to step up late yesterday so that problem was remedied. However, I'm counting down at T-2 hours and I STILL don't know for sure what I am going to wear.

We are supposed to bring the fixings for our favorite cocktails and the recipe, so this morning Anders was online googling bartender guides for cocktail recipes that included Nocino, a walnut liquor that he bought in Italy last month (that sounds so jet-setty, doesn't it? Yes, dahling, when Anders was in ITALY recently, la di dah)

He found one for a cocktail called a White Walnut, but it called for White Creme de Cacao which the state-run liquor store here in Sweden doesn't carry. Finally, he came up with a cocktail recipe that calls for Nocino, rum and cream. I am taking Kahlua and cream and a big-ass bottle of Pepsi Max. Heh. Talk about jet-setty!

Francois took off TWO days to prepare for this party, so I'm a little nervous that we'll get the hairy eyeball as the only people not in prom dress and tuxedo when we walk through the door.
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