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On Friday, Anders and Karin accompanied me to dinner with the AWC at a Thai restaurant in Malmö (Martin was at a birthday party). There were 13 people signed up for the dinner, but after 20 minutes only 7 had showed up so one of the other girls and I proceeded to make a few phone calls to the missing people to make sure they hadn't forgotten the event. I called Katie and when she answered the phone, said brightly, "Hey! Did you forget it was Thai Night?" only to hear her catch her breath and try to stop a sob into the phone. She had obviously been crying and my first reaction was distress. "Are you okay??" I said, and she got herself under control to say no, and that she'd call me back. I sat stunned for a moment and closed the phone, worried for a new friend that had gotten bad news or had something awful happen.

I told the other girls at the table what had happened and one responded that she had talked to Katie earlier that evening, and heard that she had received news of an accident home in the States: Katie's brothers' sambo and her 5-year-old daughter had been involved in a car accident and the little girl was in serious condition. "Oh my god," I thought, and here I was calling her all cheerful to remind her about a missed dinner! :( What if she'd just heard an update and it was the worst news?? I felt sick to my stomach.

About 10 minutes later, Katie DID call me back (although I wouldn't have blamed her at all if she hadn't) and told me the story herself, filling in some of the details, including what had happened and that her niece had been life-flighted to a hospital in Sacramento from Chico, where the accident occured. The mother was okay, but things weren't looking good for the little girl: the injury was to her spine and she might be paralyzed.

She didn't feel like coming out to dinner, of course and we hung up, promising contact soon. Katie hasn't been in Sweden very long, she moved here in 2005. Her boyfriend is from Iceland and she actually works in Copenhagen. I had met her several times at various sushi nights I had organized since she's a fellow sushi fiend and I liked her at once and appreciated her sense of humor. In September she accepted a position on the board of the AWC as co-Activities officer and since I was re-joining the board, I was delighted that I was going to be working with her and would have the chance to get to know her better.

Anyway, you can imagine my shock and amazement later that evening when I sat down to read through my blogs and journals and saw that Marilyn, a long-time online friend, had posted about an accident that had happened to a family member of one of her good I read the details of the post, I got chills: it had to be the same little girl. I immediately emailed Marilyn, knowing that she wouldn't get the message for awhile, since the time difference is so great between Sweden and California, but as it happens she couldn't sleep and was up in the middle of the night and online. Sure, enough, her friend is Katie's mom.

Taylor came through her initial surgery well and things are looking good, so far. She hasn't recovered any mobility yet, but it's early and if anyone has the power to heal fully even from an injury like this, it's a child. If you can send some positive energy and healing thoughts her way, her family and friends would, I'm sure, be very grateful.

I don't even know this little girl. I don't even know Katie all that well. And I've never even met Marilyn. But my god, if we aren't all connected.

And that goes for the rest of you, too. Whatever our degress of separation, and they are probably much less than we realize, we are ALL connected.
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Indeed we are. Particularly now with the internet. This is such a tragedy, I am so sorry to hear it Liz and will definitely think good thoughts for the little girl. I hope hope hope hope hope she regains some mobility.


*zipping some positive energy and healing thoughts her way*

I'm definitely sending my earnest and best thoughts towards the little girl, may she walk again and recover!


isn't that the truth. I'm sending healing thoughts to that little girl and her family.


How tragic! In the blink of an eye things can change.
I hope the situation improves.
I 'know' Marilyn too. We share the same birthday(almost).
The internet can be a mysterious and magical place

Wow- what a connection. I guess its true- we are all related somehow. My heard goes out to that little girl and her family. And the mom wasn't hurt- how she must be feeling.

My mind is still boggling over the infitesimal odds of this situation. What a remarkable thing it is when we can use the internet to corral the troops for such a loving, good thing as to send healing energy to a little girl.

I can't even imagine the horror that kind of event has on a family and a child of that age. My father spent 2 months in the ward next to the one little Taylor is in, and I tell you it's a sad, sad place. But that said, UC Davis is a fantastic university hospital with an amazing staff (my insurance agent's mother works in that critical injuries ward). I'll join the others and keep this little girl and all that love her in my prayers.


very interesting blog - -from Rebekah aka East of Oregon

Re: blog

thank you :)

What an amazing set of circumstances and yet so sad. Sending heal-vibes to Taylor.


If any can make me lose it, it's the idea of children ill and in the hospital, especially since all I have to do is imagine something happening to the GBK and I feel tears coming to my eyes. But I am clapping in wonder at the connection established - so many people will be sending love and good thoughts to this sweet child. Bless Katie's heart, it's got to be hard to be so far away. I'm just praying for this to have a happy outcome.


She's going home a week earlier than planned in December, providing she can switch her plane tickets.

Oh man, poor kid (sending her a prayer right now), but that's incredible about Marilyn and you, freaky.

Healing vibes DHL-ed over.

Hey ..

Nice post. Hey

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