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I am rocking the Christmas present buying all over town! Go me! woo hoo! Yeah. That's what I spent my evening doing and now I am officially half done. Well, maybe more like 2/3's done, but still. Much closer to done than I was this afternoon.

Work is killing me with the busyness. Life is killing me with the busyness. I am so busy that it feels as if my hair is a-crackle. As if my neck vertebrae are not up to par, since they are squinchy and tight. As if my head would spin round if it could, but sadly it's anchored facing mostly forward so it has to content itself with wobbling back and forth occasionally. *wibble*

Avast matey, crazy schedule ahead!
  • Monday (that was today): workityworkwork, choir concert, AWC stuff, Xmas shopping
  • Tuesday: workityworkwork, mmmmmassage, AWC stuff, grocery shopping, clean house
  • Wednesday: workityworkwork, sushi with Geena, choir practice
  • Thursday: workityworkwork, wreath workshop
  • Friday: workityworkwork, hair appointment, cook 1 turkey
  • Saturday: cleanitycleanclean, cook 2 more turkeys, make mashed potatoes, host Thanksgiving bash for 12 adults and 9 children
  • Sunday: SLEEP IN IF IT KILLS ME, bake 72+ Moose Poop Cookies (to be re-named Reindeer Poop Cookies in honor of Xmas since they're for the AWC cookie exchange)
And that's JUST THE BEGINNING. Then it will quite suddenly be December and decorations must be brought down and put up, and Martin is having a birthday that we haven't planned a party for yet, and the rest of the Christmas presents need to be purchased and OMG cards! and OMGodder, Xmas letters! (hrm, thinking about skipping that makes me feel slightly less manic. Shall I skip that this year?) and 42 million parties and my brother and his wife are coming and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*pant pant* This feels so familiar. Wasn't it just Christmas a minute ago?
mood: hyper
music: the whir of the room around me. Oh wait, that's my head!


3 turkeys? Is that not, well, a lot?
We had one 7 kg turkey for 10 people and still had a crazy amount of leftovers.

Yes, I vote to skip the letters.

Swedish turkeys are TIIIIIIINNY. We've had 3 nearly every year and still not had much in the way of leftovers.

Ah, gotcha.
Dutch turkeys are non-existent, and every year we have to order ahead of time so it can be imported from France. Perhaps you could import as well.

And to think I never even got out of my robe yesterday (and barely got off the couch). I don't know how you do it.

"Wasn't it just Christmas a minute ago?"

You continue to crack me up! I'm glad to hear you are getting a massage today~ or with the time difference, maybe you've already gotten it? Who knows. Anyhow, congratulations. I sure could use one.
Good-o on your shopping skills and efficiency.

Here's what my brain just perceived:

"blabbityblabblab SUSHI WITH GEENA blabbityblabblab"


I'm going out of town tomorrow. NO SUSHI WITH GEENA. Geena will not be at choir tomorrow. :-(

Now I am very sad.

Also, blabbityblabblab??? How WUDE!


No no! Not blabbity blah like that - blabbity blah like everything else faded with the words of having sushi with you. Like that. You know what I mean.

Uh huh. I'm picking up what you're putting down. :P

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