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It's Thanksgiving in America, but here in Sweden it was just another regular work day. Except for all my American colleagues who wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and the thanks-filled posts I saw online and an elevated mood on my part (defiantly ignoring the rain), there wasn't much different about the day. We had our annual wreath-making workshop tonight and despite the fact that half the people who were signed up bailed, the 4 of us who were there had a great time and lots of laughs, while the rain pounded futilely on the corrugated roof. Haha! we said, you can't get in! We're dry in here!

Something I'm more thankful for than nearly anything else was brought home to me with force tonight. Because this week has been so crazy with evening commitments I haven't had a chance the last few days to do the things around the house that I was planning on doing last-minute before the party on Saturday. Anders read my post of a few days ago detailing the things I had on my calendar and decided to take some of it on his own shoulders tonight. While I was spending a fun evening out with the girls putting together a holiday centerpiece and a Christmas wreath, he was vacuuming and mopping the kitchen, laundry room and hallway; getting the kids' department picked up and running 2 loads of laundry. He's what I'm most thankful for. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am. I couldn't do the things I do or have the life I have. I wouldn't have the family I love.

What I am NOT thankful for: Friends who spend an entire evening with me and TAKE PHOTOS OF ME and never once tell me that Barky has escaped its confines and is Shirley-Templing all over my forehead. There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead, and BOY DID IT LOOK STUPID. Gah

mood: pleased
music: 10,000 Maniacs—Love Among the Ruins


Awww, that is a special husband. :) And you did a beautiful job on your centerpiece and wreath!! I wish I could have gone with you to make one.

aw, thanks! I wish you could have too, you would have had a blast. It's so much fun :)

Hey! That's an excellent ringlette!

It's a DETERMINED ringlet!

I like the curl!

Btw...what is your full name? Mail it to me!

Elizabeth Ann Slaughter-Ek...WHY?! why why why why?? *inquiring minds wanna know!*

You'll see! Good things come to those who wait!

gosh, that curl looks strong enough to open wine bottles with! how cute!

very nice wraths too.

tackar so mycket! That was one very fierce curl, that was.

what an example for the kids!

some day you will FEEL THE LOVE for Barky-- because Barky is beautiful and it is a sad sad thing that you cannot see that--- GORGEOUS curls-- an abondanza!

And? GO ANDERS!!! That is why a man who has been traveling through Italy and leaving his uber busy wife to single parent among her myriad life demands is welcomed home with open arms. Go Team Anders. Woot!


Re: what an example for the kids!

I know :) He's the best. All my girlfriends are green with envy! :D


oh and wreath = so lovely!! so lovely!


I am so jealous of your curls! Do you know, I don't think there's such a thing as a sad looking curl, except possibly those that just droop after spending 20 minutes trying to get straight hair to hold a curl.

*wishes again for curly hair*

I like your wreath too. I'm going to get a tree in two days and I can't wait. Does yours smell good? Is that two kinds of pine that I spy?

I DO like them, for the most part, even though they are so...unrestrained. I didn't have curly hair like this until after I had moved to Sweden had children.

It smells yummy. There is only one kind of pine in the wreath, the other greenery is a an evergreen hedge-shrub called Boxbom (not sure of the spelling) in Swedish.

haha..cute curl Shirley! ;)

1. I wish I could have been along for wreath-making night. Next year I hope I hope.

2. I would have thought that the curl was there on purpose. It is adorable.

3. Anders is a doll.

1. I wish you could have been, too. It is so much fun :) You would love it.
2. Gah
3. I know :)


I love your picture! And that you call your hair Barky.

I'm commenting a little late here, but I hope you have a wonderful dinner tonight with your family and friends. Cheers!


Let's hear it for housecleaning husbands! (The BEST kind!) And you're matter which way your curls go.

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