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I'm just waiting for the guests to arrive. Everything is done and in its place. Karin and Martin helped clean the house and picked up their rooms with dispatch. Karin went beyond the call of 7-year-old duty afterwards by dusting, windexing and wiping lightswitches and doorsills. I zoomed off to the grocery store for the last-minute items and when I returned I vacuumed and set both tables...after taking an hour's rest to lie down and finish my book. Anders finished the other turkey a moment ago, the house is redolent with good smells. Potatoes are peeled and in the pot waiting for boiling, stuffing is covered in a bowl waiting to be re-heated.

It's dark out, raining. No surprise, weatherwise. I think my house is a bright jewel, ward against the darkness.

I have probably 40 minutes until the first guests will probably arrive, and everything is done. Shall I start another book?

Yesterday, I left work early to go get my hair done; cut and colored. My hairdresser, whom I switched to 2 appointments ago, is wonderful. She cuts just the right amount, colors it perfectly and styles Barky into curly but restrained submission. She also gave the most amazing head massage during the shampooing that I very nearly asked if she would just continue and the hell with rest of it. After trying curly this morning, I just re-washed and dried my hair with a blow-dryer, pulling out the ringlets into big wavy curls. Moments later, I can feel that it's already tightening and frizzing in the humidity of the oven-warmed, turkey-basted house.

I am looking forward to this evening full of laughter, good company, good food, smiles exchanged. It may seem strange to be having this day of feasting and thanksgiving days after the "official" celebration, but the sentiments and the emotions are exactly the same. For me, the annual celebration of Thanksgiving is one of the best things about being American, and I'm not talking about the football or the tryptophan-induced coma. Even though we don't get a 4-day weekend here, and we avoid the trauma of Black Friday shopping (one of the things I give thanks for) the idea of a day set aside to spend with family and friends, numbering and giving thanks for all our blessings, is alright in my book.
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It IS absolutely a perfect Thanksgiving, a warm, food-scented house, those you love and like around you and bright lights against the rain and darkness. Happy Thanksgiving, Liz.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Carolyn. :) Your clementime (hee!) made me laugh.

Your house sounds wonderful tonight! I wish I could be there. Have a lovely evening.

Have a great evening! Sounds wonderful - and delicious : )

Your home is so hospitable. I imagine that a Thanksgiving held there would be most warm and memorable. And I agree about it not mattering the date - I did mine at Björn's dad's house on the 11th and it kept surprising me to hear people mention that Thanksgiving was coming. What? Thanksgiving was two weeks ago, wasn't it? It's the heart of the day that we Americans really need to keep, not the day of the day.

I'm thankful for friends, by the way. Friends with curls and adorable kids, for example.

I'm thankful for friends, too. They make my world go round. Especially friends that get me, that love sushi, that offer to sew copies of my favorite top, that like books and singing. :)

Scalp massage rocks! My DH's and mine stylist in NY gave awesome scalp massages!

Hope you had a great time!

That sounds like a great hairdresser. I love when they to the head massage/shampoo trick. Some places scrub the scalp like it's a floor.

Isn't a good head massage to die for?

You know, I love Barky. I think you need to embrace Barky more in your life. Many people would kill for Barky.

I hope you had a lovely night.

Your Thanksgiving plans sound warm and heartfelt. Hope you had an amazing evening. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Karin's cleaning jag

. . . that child is her mother's daughter for sure!!!

Lucky you-- bluepoppy

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