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Reasons for happy (other than COOKIES!, which really, what more do you need? I am spoiled rotten with the good things)
  • Anders is on a business trip to Germany, but that's not the good thing; however, he gets to spend the evening with my brother John and his lovely wife Simone, and I'm glad about that.

  • Leftover turkey in sandwiches and with stuffing and coming up, in a casserole! YUM!

  • I did an 8-page brochure layout at work and my colleague, who is the Approval Master Past Whom All Collateral Must Flow and who is really, really good, albeit really REALLY perfectionist about everything we produce, made NO CHANGES to the layout. Not ONE. I felt the earth tilt slightly on its axis.

  • Talked to my mom for an hour :)

  • The AWC site is done and ready to go for tomorrow, and I had a nice chat with my friend Kathey online last night to talk about some of the issues that I'm facing and get several of them resolved.

  • I ordered the last of the Christmas presents for my family across the pond this evening. I am halfway done and I know what I'm getting Anders. Woot!

  • 2 really great new songs we're singing in choir that I can't (and don't want to) get out of my head

  • Ate leftover pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. (also one cookie that LEAPT from the container into my mouth directly. I had no choice but to eat it. It was obviously bent on self-destruction*)

  • My evil plan for world domination, one woman at a time, is FINALLY starting to fall into place: Of books and friends muahahahaha!
Cozy and Kind, Body and Mind, Birthday Wishes, However Belated to gnostraeh!

*Yea, verily. Who knew cookies had such determination? They seem so ...quiescent, normally.
mood: happy
music: Smithereens—Only A Memory

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I know! What shall I do? Maybe I should go batten down the hatch on the cookie jar and make sure they are all lying comfortably.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I've been trying to avoid the cookie puns tonight, and believe me it ain't been easy. I didn't want to sound half-baked. :D

I could know...check on them.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Reé stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Who, me?
Yes, you!
Couldn't be!
Then, who?!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

*laughs out loud*

Dudette, which loong series of books did you lure brief_therapy into reading?

We Must Know

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books :)

Yay for your whole happiness list!

Which two songs are in your head? (I only have one: Diamonds)

That "books and friends" entry didn't even start out being about you! It just ended up that way. But then that's kind of the point of an evil plan for world domination, isn't it?

*rubs hands together and cackles* :D

Actually, Diamonds wasn't even one of them. I don't get that one stuck until someone *pointed stare* mentions it. It's been Nature Boy and One Child is Born all week long :)

I kind of like A Child is Born by Thad Jones, but I presume it is not the same song?

It IS the same song. I like it too! I didn't mean to imply I didn't like them. :)

Pumpkin cheesecake...I don't know how I made it past Thanksgiving without finding a slice of that...the hunt is on...

deck the halls with happy cookies falalalala~lalalala

Oh Happy Lists do make me happy too!! But you already knew that.

On your evil plan... you know, the world domination one... you got me to read vampire books! Three of them! Previously unheard of...

*singing* (in Bing's voice) " I'm dreaming of a cookie white Christmas..."

Here's a high-five from across the pond!

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