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Heading into Christmas crazyness and I sit here and feel I have nothing to say that is interesting (even to me) since my life is one gigantic to-do list right now. I did SO MUCH today, I am giving myself a pat on the back for all my accomplishments, and it's only 10:30! Who knows what else I can get done before I go to bed?

This weekend the kids and Anders are going to an overnight Christmas Scout camp, and I am singing in 5 concerts at elderly care homes around Malmö. It's fun but it sure takes up a good chunk of the afternoon both days. I am going to try and go Christmas shopping as well...maybe I can get the final things taken care of from my list. That will make me feel a lot better considering I still have cards, letters, decorations, baking and MAJOR HOUSECLEANING to do. And there are only THREE blank days on the calendar between now and the 17th.

Either I'm coming down with another sore throat/coldbug or the treatment I just started to clear up the rosacea is drying me up so fast I'll be shortly be nothing but a husk, blowing in the wind. Either way: Bleagh. Also urgh. Also wah! And finally, GAH.

You see? Nothing.

Free Christmas Concert!
If anyone is interested and can make it to Malmö, our choir is putting on its annual Christmas concert at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday December 13th. It's at Malmö Hospital (MAS), entrance 72 and it's free! Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Awesome: 2006 Online Advent Calendar (thanks for the reminder, reebert!)

Glowy, Golden, Wonderful Birthday Wishes to georgiamars!
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