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I keep thinking, while things are happening, oh! I want to write about this. I need to remember this, and I very carefully take the thought and tuck it away and, of course, promptly forget it, so that when I actually have a moment to sit down in front of the computer, all I have is a pocket full of tuckery and no substance. I think I need to start writing reminder notes on my hand again. That always worked in the past.

I think I used to write better than I do now. I feel like I've run out of things to say, things to remember, things to write about. Does everyone feel this way after they've been blogging for awhile or am I just in a slump? I begin to be alarmed about the state of my memory, considering not only the opening paragraph of this journal entry, but to compound it, the fact that when I left the restaurant tonight, after picking up my coat from the coat-check, I forgot the bag of birthday presents for Martin that I had purchased prior to the dinner and checked with the coat. I was all the way home before I remembered. :(

This is the 14th time I've started this paragraph. Maybe I used to write better because I just used to WRITE.

Happy and Bright, Bonny and Belated Birthday Wishes to thesidhe!
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If it makes you feel any better, a couple of weeks ago after a party I forgot my bike in the city. The next morning I went to get my bike from the shed and it wasn't there. I couldn't even remember walking home, but sure enough it was right where I left it the night before. Admittedly, I had had two glasses of wine, but still...

Regarding the writing: Your writing is still wonderful. However sometimes we just don't have as much to say. Sometimes we need to "do" and collect ideas and inspiration. The reflecting and organizing and writing come later. Somethings can't be forced.

I would have been SURE it was stolen! And you are totally right about the writing. :)

I don't know about everyone feeling that way about blogging after a while but I often do. I feel as if I repeat myself and inspirations that seem brilliant when they're thought out seem to fall flat when I try to express them on paper. I take a break leave it alone for a while, engage in completely different things and then return when if feels more interesting to hear myself talk again.

I think about leaving it alone for a while, but I think I'm addicted :D

I propose a practical solution and a psychological one. I carry a very small voice recorder (damn, I have forgotten where I put it and so can't tell you the name of it! Grins!) that is really easy to activate and that plugs into a USB port at the back of my computer. You make VOICE notes about stuff you want to write about.

The other thing is that you are too busy to be able to write the way you want to. Back when I was a writer, I saw the demands on my time (both for my social life, and my wife-and-mother duties) as enemies of my Writing Life. They ARE. You have to literally shoulder them aside. I used to have a message on my answering machine: "Hello, this is Trish. I won't be answering the telephone right now because I'm writing. Leave a message and I'll call you back when I'm finished." There simply has to be some protected time where you can just sit and do nothing but collect your thoughts. There is no remedy for this kind of time. Not just the time but the KIND of time.

One consolation is that this particular time, when the kids are at this most fascinating and cooperative and loving of stages (well, usually), when you have the maximum input into who they are going to become, is limited. You will mourn its passing. You will recall it wistfully when they've gotten surly and distant. You will sigh for it when they are busy with their newly adult lives.

But if you can make a stand now, THIS IS MY TIME TO WRITE, you will teach them both an even more important lesson about who they will become. You'll teach them that a woman and a mother has the right to creativity, that she has need of time for her creative life and that she can take it without guilt because it is good for everybody, including her family.

*Takes a sweeping bow and climbs down from soapbox. Takes refuge in her advanced age to presume to say such things...*

Bravo. Very well put Trish.

You are so right and that was just what I needed to hear.

Does everyone feel this way after they've been blogging for awhile ...

I think so. Seems like all my old-timer blogger friends are waning right now. I feel that way too. Could just be one big communal slump, and it could be the inevitable perma-ebb. That blogging stuff was fun for a while. What shall we do now?

I refuse to go back to rubber-stamping in any case. :P

who doesn't suffer the oh! I want to write about this. I need to remember this, and I very carefully take the thought and tuck it away and, of course, promptly forget it syndrome.

your other respondents are right in their comments, especially the two directly above this.

you write as well as ever,

:) thanks

It's about quality, not quantity. I think "a pocket full of tuckery and no substance" is a brilliant expression. :)

Yes, but I think the quality has suffered some, at least to a certain extent. It's probably just a down period, in any case, probably brought on by stressmas!

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Pedestrian is the perfect adjective.

I thought to send you this link BEFORE I saw what Trish said. I swear.
Put this on your wish list!

:) thanks! Do you know, I think I have memo recorder function on my mobile phone...I need to take a look.

Cool. Maybe that will work for you. I just put this gadget on my amazon wishlist. But for now, mental note to put paper and pens into coat pockets, because on my daily walk is where I get ideas that later evaporate.


Of course I feel the same way. That's why I take December off from blogging. Not just writing, but reading [except for a special few ;o)].

oops, forgot to sign in.

EVERYONE feels this way. Heck, why do you think I make myself do those challenges? So I can find prompts to write about! Seriously, the last couple of days I've been like...what am I supposed to blog about again??

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