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My firstborn turned 9 today. No matter how much I squish him down on the top of his head, he keeps growing. All he wanted for his birthday, and all he got, was books and Lego (and one Bamse DVD).

If you were 9 years old and your parents asked you what you wanted for your birthday dinner, what would you say? Pizza, maybe. Tacos! Hotdogs...hamburgers, salmon even. I was pretty sure he would say salmon or the inevitable sushi, but he wanted JULBORD. He and Anders made a list of all the absolute must-haves for his julbord birthday dinner, right down the line for every traditional Swedish Christmas food required for a genuine julbord, and that's what we had for dinner tonight, along with princesstårta for dessert.

photo credits: Anders Ek

photo credit: Russell Gilbert

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VERY cool!! he is such a darling, you wonderful mom, you.

Happy Birthday to Martin!!!

Ock, I can see him melting hearts already with the top photo.

That sounds like a lovely idea for a birthday dinner. I'm also partial to julbord and princess cake.

He was a gorgeous baby (those eyes) and a handsome guy. Hope your guy had a great day!


Eeek! Precious baby Martin! *going back in time to give him a squeeze* He's got those gorgeous eyes - and that first picture of him is pure gold. Happy birthday to an extremely cool, very talented boy! Have a wonderful day!

~Sam :)

Oh my God the 2 pacifiers - I just exploded with laughter. Still such a cutie!

Aww..haha, the double pacifier pic rocks my socks!

And a Happy BIRTHday to you too Mom! Nines years ago you went through it I bet! And your entire life changed focus.
It's obvious you are making a good job of it. Way to go.

Congratulations! What a handsome guy you have there. And I love that last shot, too.


LOL -- I'd forgotten about that last photo! :-)

Happy Birthday, Martin!


Happy birthday Martin!

Happy Birthday Martin! Love, love, love that baby pic :oP

Happy Birthday Martin!
He's just a cutie-patootie!

The "two pacifiers" photo is adorable!

There is nothing better than princess cake. I love that.

Happy Birthday to such a handsome boy!

The two pacifiers!!! So adorable.
Good thing you have photo evidence, because you're right, they just keep growing up. Enjoy this stage. He is already seems to mature and wise. Pat yourself on the back and know you have done a wonderful job with this kid.

Happy Birthday Martin!

Oh my god that toddler photo is to die for!!! He is going to be a very good looking man....

Happy birthday!

I love the pacifier picture! So which number julbord does this make?

happy birthday to him!

what's princess cake?

i think when i was 9 (and for many years on either side) i asked for chinese food for my birthday dinner. pizza would have been a close second.

It's a basic yellow cake layered with raspberry jam and frozen whipped cream, covered in marzipan and then powdered with confectioner's sugar and drizzled with chocolate.

Happy Birthday Martin!


How can I not adore a fellow sagittarian?! Happy Birthday Martin! You are one handsome little dude!

And swoon! look at those lovely baby doe eyes! Those eyelashes tipping out so perfectly from the corners of his big brown eyes remid me so much of Bambi!!! Darling, darling thing!

xoxoxoxo Wee


and thank you so much for the link! I am not even remotely surprisd that you're a fellow pretender. Which is why I adore you so!

x wee

I'm sorry I'm two days late to wish Martin a Happy Birthday! I hope it was a fun one! Those photos!!! GORGEOUS. And the pacifier one? Pull that one out on his Prom Night. ;)

Belated Happy Birthday

I'm sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday to your little guy. Hope his birthday and julbord celebration was all that he dreamed it would be.
That double-dipping pacifier pic is too cute!
It's been too long since I've tried to comment - I can't remember my Livejournal ID - but this is from

belated wishes!!

oh Martin you beautiful beautiful little man--- how smart you are to have chosen your parents so wisely! Best (though belated) wishes for the year ahead!

Bisous, bluepoppy

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