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Caught myself reading my friends list and getting incredibly jealous of all the lovely pieces everyone is creating CONSTANTLY and thinking, where do they find the time?! ahem. oh, yeah, now I remember.

Note to self: They have all that time to be crafty because they DON'T HAVE KIDS!


Package from mom with 3 books today, too, to add to the good things for today list :)

Yesterday, I caught Anders watching an E! TV special about Jennifer Lopez and he tried to deflect my derision by asking me if I wanted a $1,000,000 diamond ring like hers. heh. So, I told him that no, I could think of better uses to put our money to, and that I'd be perfectly happy with a second band of tiny diamonds that match my wedding band to go on the other side of my engagement ring, and that I'd even give him until our 10-year anniversary to save up for it.

I've got some major family issues to deal with at the moment, at least mentally. I'm too far away to do much about it physically. One of my favorite relatives has apparently regressed to 8th grade behavior and the more I think about it, the more upset I get, especially since it's primarily affecting my mom (who reads this). I'm trying not to be judgmental and angry about it, but it really gets my goat.

Tonight, at the dinner table, after both kids pulled faces at the meal I fixed them, I tried the old baby game of pretending the spoon was a car and their mouths were garages. This cracked Martin up completely, as he was well aware they are way too old for that sort of thing. That kid has got the most incredibly infectious laugh. :) We progressed from car/garage to airplane/hanger, dragon/treasure cave, etc. Finally, after telling them that the spoon was Karin and her mouth was the bathtub and my other hand was Mom (me) pushing the spoon toward the bathtub, saying in a high-pitched voice, "get in the tub, go on, get in you filthy kid" and the spoon replying, "noooo! noooo!" and after popping it into her mouth, the spoon said, "oooh, so nice and warm," we were all laughing so hard we couldn't see straight.
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that is adorable beyond words =))))))

LOL! It was pretty hilarious :) at least until Karin pushed the spoon away from me too hard and flung food everywhere. :)

The grass is always greener... I wish I had kids. :) I hope to have them one day, but until then, I do crafty stuff in my free time instead. *hug*


too true, too true :)


Oh such fun and such a good laugh as I can really picture this dinner event!!! :) and stop worrying about the family thing- sending unconditional love is the only way- I can hear your "Yeah..right!!" - but it is true. Thoughts are deeds , so positive thoughts of seeing the anger healed is the only way to think! Mom

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