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Only 4 more days until the solstice and the days will begin lengthening again!

Only 4 more days of work before Christmas vacation!

Only 5 days until my brother and Simone arrive for a week!

Only 5 more little presents to buy and I'm done!

Only 5 more days to payday, thank goodness!

Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend: talking to my oldest best friend Becky last night and hearing how well things are going for her this year after a couple of really rough ones; reading the pregnancy announcement of a dear online friend; receiving a box from my grandmother with 2 tins full of her gingersnaps in it; getting 2 of my 4 books finalized and uploaded.

We haven't baked Christmas cookies yet, since the weekends have been so full so that, along with wrapping presents, are the 2 final items on my Christmas-preparation list. After catching up with Mausi today, I'm inspired to do a few new cookie recipes, to go along with the traditional Sugar Cookies, Reindeer Poop, Chocolate chips and Christmas Icing Sandwiches. Maybe we'll try Lacy Crisps, too, which is an old family favorite, although the one and only time I tried them I swore I'd never do them again because they are MURDER to get off the cookie sheet without rucking up into a squished pile.

For the first time in nearly 2 months, the little weather widget I have on my desktop is forecasting partly sunny for a couple of days in the coming week, instead of RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN. Please, let it be so.

Star Light Star Bright Birthday Wishes to jakubicka!
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music: Jill Johnson—The Christmas in You


Today it was cold here. 0 degrees. Now it's even -0,4 degrees. It's been a nice day today. Sunny and frost sparkling on the ground. Actually a little winter feeling.

I want snow!


Enjoy 0°C for as long as it lasts. I saw on the weather forecast that we in the middle part of the country should expect +5°C by Friday.

ah swings and roundabouts. please send rain here, white crunchy grass is most uncomfortable to walk on in barefeet.

I only ate FOUR pieces of vegan fudge today. Goodnight.

That's not a good thing, that's a restrained thing! :D


Oh no, believe me, it's a good thing.


Hi Liz, I just got caught up on your blog. I really enjoy your writing style and all the gorgeous photos you post. I'm a fairly new expat in frosty Norway, and it has been so comforting to read about the experiences of other people who have successfully made the leap across the pond! Emily (If you are still considering a dog at all, I suggest you don't read today's post on my blog!)

Thanks for all the nice compliments! This was a nice comment to come home to! And sadly, no, we are not considering a dog anymore, since with the allergy problem, it's not an option. Your dogs are beautiful! I've always wanted a collie, ever since I read Lad: A Dog at an impressionable age. :)


Those Reindeer Poop cookies look AMAZING, but we are overflowing with birthday cake and peanut brittle. Seriously. Maybe I could try them out with my mom, they seem complicated enough for me to need HELP! Oh! Why can't the Christmas season be a little longer - with more time off in the beginning, not right at the end?

I'm so glad our news brought joy all the way to Sweden...and don't worry, I'm sleeping as much as possible. I'm definitely sleeping deeper since I'm not drinking as much caffeine - but my dreams are really strange!

:) Sam

They're not complicated at all, honestly. They're super easy, otherwise I would never have chosen to do them for the cookie exchange, since I had to make 72 of them. :)

Hey, I'd forgotten about the solstice (and the days starting to lengthen)! The shortened days haven't bothered me nearly as much this year...maybe because we've had so many sunny (but cold) ones. It really does make a difference to have SUN.

We've had basically no sun since October. *sigh*

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