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Remember those 10 days of antibiotics a month or so ago that were supposed to completely squash the recurring sorethroat thing I had going on and on and on like a coldbug energizer buddy (which is how you say bunny with a cold in your nose)? Well, just like the poltergeists in the TV, CarolAnne, DON'T LOOK INTO THE LIGHT because it's baaaaaaack.


I cannot, CAN NOT be sick right now. I don't have TIME to be sick.

Coveting in a Major Way: Everything Krista Rääk makes (although when I try and pronounce her name out loud I sound like a very sick crow)

Anders and I are making a pact and keeping it. Actually, we're making two. One is no more chips or snacks or junk food in the house, after the New Year. I supposed you could call it a New Year's Resolution, but the truth is, it's more than that. It's a promise. The other is trying to figure out where our money is going and make it behave better. We need a budget. We need a financial planner, we need to really sit down and look over our finances and figure out where we are spending. It's either that or sell the house. Even WITH that, it might be sell the house. And I can tell you, that the thought of selling the house is like being stabbed with a big cleaver right through my heart parts.

Christmas To Do List (I just wrote Lizt, Freudian slip much?)
  • Buy last 4 little presents
  • Count through and wrap everything
  • grocery shopping
  • Final cleaning and make up cot beds
See? That wasn't so bad.

Pretty Pretty Pixie-Dust Parcel-Wrapped Powder-Puff Birthday Wishes to the Dearest Darlingest Wee in the Whole World!
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Why do these colds always find people at exactly the wrong time (a.k.a. week before Christmas)? 3/4 of my house are infected with a bad cough, runny nose kind of cold, right before we are going up to my mother's. Anders hasn't been up there and not been sick since he was 3 months old, though we've been there half a dozen times at least.


o thank you, thank you! I sooooo needed that... came here especialy to check to see if you remembered me. "Cuz after that whole big inspirational speech about how calm and wonderous I am, i had a major melt down promptly at noon, bawling so hard I couldn't speak and just did that hysterical hiccupping thing into the phone to a semi-distraught Johnny PutUpon. Granted, I think the whole meltdown had more to do with holiday stress (parents arrive tomorrow, the house is a disaster, there's no groceries in the house ....I've been subsisting exclusively on oatmeal and raisins for 4 days now.... only half my shopping is done, no wrapping done, no baking done, my hair is dirty, the pile of laundry soars well over my head and I can't find a door hanger to hang my Christmas wreaths to save my life. I've been to five stores searching for them and my beautiful wreaths lie on the floor in front of where they are suppose to hang, mocking me) than with turning forty.

But I had my meltdown, took Finny to her chiro appointment and now I'm feeling all relaxed and invincible again. albeit more ready for a nap than for tackling the laundry.

Being remembered here honestly makes my heart glow warmly. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy, busy life (how you moms manage I will never, ever know!!) to send out the greetings! Especially when you're getting sick and worrying about finances!!

I will definitely reserve one of my birthday wishes to ensure that you never ever have to sell your house unless you WANT to!!!

adoring you more than ever, Mel xoxoxo

*pats you soothingly and hands you cookies*

*or would if they were baked...DOH*

Meltdowns on birthdays are par for the course. :) Mine tonight was a doozy even though it wasn't MY birthday. Wishing you a year full of good, good things!


Oh dear,
I hate being sick--so sorry you are! (I am too, but it's a nasty stomach bug.) Your to-do list is a thousand times shorter than mine. Ug.

You know, I don't usually comment you: my English is too bad to speak or wright freely. But after your posts I allways want to thank you. It seems, nothing special in fact, but so сosy, so humanly warm. There's too much plastic & punching(I mean, smth standart, made by mashines - not people) around us, so it's good to find somewere people like you.

I think your English is just fine. :) I wish I could read Russian! All I know how to say is "yes" and "no" which may be handy but doesn't really get me very far. :D Thank you for the nice compliments.

Doesn't that sore throat know what kind of TO DO lists it would be interrupting?! Seriously, hope it makes a quick exit.

it might be sell the house??? this sounds slightly critical regarding your current fiscal situation.

Well, it's a damned expensive house. :)

Yikes. Keep breathing. Oh, and your list at least is getting pared down. Happy Christmas! Got your card and holiday letter yesterday.

the house?! :-O
don't you dare move to something smaller where we can't gather for sleep-overs!

covering you with kisses at great risk to my own health you diseased wonderland

oh Liz baby--- things will get better. They will. Finances always seem to crunch hardest in december (thank you, Santa!) but I trust it will smooth out for the lovely Ek family in months to come.

Sending you lots of love, bp


I've decided that BP writes the best titles to comments, ever. Being sick always makes me feel that the end of the world is coming (and the worst thing I deal with is a cold or crud) so I'm hoping that things will seem more manageable when you are feeling better, past the holidays, etc. And getting junk food out of the house will save you tons of money! Just think about it! I also try not to keep too much junk in the house, but I'm awful about just hopping in my car to get whatever I want to eat...that's my downfall! (Of course, now I have the baby to consider - and if the baby wants a roast beef sandwich, well, who am I to argue?)

lots of smoothie love to you and your throat,

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