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I got such a "good" response to the photo of me in my home-made camouflage uniform homecoming dress the other day that I just went hunting through photo albums to find a picture of the other home-made dress that I wore to Senior Prom a few years later. My mom made it, I don't think I sewed a stitch. It had a darling little half-jacket and a gold belt. At least it started out with a gold belt, since that is what I was wearing in the pre-party photo taken at home, although it's missing here.

Unlike the homecoming dance 4 years earlier, I have lots of memories of this party. It was a good one, even though the theme was Paradise Theater. They don't have any tradition of proms here in Sweden, which I find kind of sad. I know some people think the whole prom thing is completely retarded, but mine was magical, just like something out of a movie. My boyfriend and I double-dated with one of my best friends and her date (who was just a friend and later ended up marrying HER best friend), and we went to a swanky German restaurant for dinner, and I stayed the night with Lyndi after we finally got home very early in the morning. It was great.


Yesterday was horrible because I didn't listen to my body which was insistently trying to get my attention and tell me I was SICK and I shouldn't be going to work, so I did go to work but after 2 hours and a sudden sureness that I was either going to faint or throw up, both things I really do NOT want to do at work, I got up, put my coat on, stuck my head in my boss' office and told her abruptly that I wasn't going to make the scheduled afternoon meetings because I had to go home RIGHT NOW. Then I got in the car (just where you want to put a faint, feverish, nauseated person!) and drove myself home to bed. The sun was shining, too, and all I could do was put my arm up to block it out of my eyes and after I got home, turn over and pull the covers over my head. I'm sorry, sun! Please come back! I swear I didn't mean it, it wasn't anything personal, honest! Then someone stuck a bunch of knives down my throat and whacked me upside the head and the rest is all a blur. This morning, despite the knives, I felt obligated to drag my sorry ass to work (last day! before vacation! can't leave things in a state of disarray for a week! So what if no one else will be in the office next week. Honestly, Liz, what are you trying to prove??) and after I got there I was greeted by my boss telling me she had just been looking up my home number to call and tell me to stay home and rest. I promised I'd leave as soon as I could after I finished up the things I needed to, and I did, in fact, make it out the door at 2 p.m.

I didn't go straight home though. I ran errands. And when I got home, I didn't rest. I did the things I had scheduled on my to-do list for today...although I did let the kids help. What am I trying to prove? I'll tell you what I'm trying to prove. I'm trying to prove that I'M NOT SICK, DAMMIT. *grumble*
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Excellent! I approve of the prom pictures. I'm way too terrified to put a picture of me at my prom up. Ok, now I'm wonderin if I dare.

Get well soon!

I double dog dare you! :D

I will look for it tomorrow.

Oh my gosh! It's like Karin playing dress-up!

Wow, she looks just like you.

I hope you rest now and feel better.

So funny you should say that, when I can't see it myself. I think she looks so much like Anders! :) I always think MARTIN looks like me, but the two of them looks so much alike I don't know why it should surprise me. Weird.

I don't know about down there, but up here, they have the student ball for those graduating from gymnasium. My kids both went - Karin wore a very lovely bias cut dress in a golden satin. The boys dress in tux or morning coat. There was a sit-down dinner, very elegant, and then a dance and they stay out all night. But of course, it's for the graduating class and their dates, not quite a prom.

By the way, I have no prom photos, I was stood up on prom night!

I asked Anders and he said he didn't think there was anything like a prom, but maybe he just wasn't the right person to ask. I'll check around. And what a shame you were stood up on prom night!!

Maybe it's just something they do up here, but I know both Kalle and Karin had a student ball and they looked SO lovely, the both of them and their dates.

As for my prom, it's probably for the best, because the guy that was going to take me went off with another girl and she ended up pregnant and they had to get married.

Oh, yes...I remember that hairstyle. Gotta love it.

Charlie's Angels have a lot to answer for, oh yes, they do.

you remind me of linus is so so many ways that its a bit creepy!

and im not referring to the dress or prom! btw, you are so darn cute in that picture!!

what are you talking about then!? :D Cuz I'm cute?! hahahah!

You were such a cutie!!! You still are in fact...

As far as I can remember, I have not catched a cold for maybe 1.5 - 2 years. I usually get sick twice or thrice a year, so it surprises me a bit that I have stayed healthy for so long. *knocks on wood* And yes, I meet other people on daily basis so it is not like I have locked myself into my home.

Regarding student balls, I think it has become more popular in later years. Only a few gymnasium schools have a long tradition of doing it. Ten years ago, perhaps at most 1/3 of the schools would arrange a ball, but now it is more like 2/3 or 3/4. Then you have balls arranged by the student union at the university, but it is a different matter.

BTW, I think that picture looks like a rather early colour photo; c:a 1955-65, which of course is not the case. Was it taken with a Polaroid camera?

No, it was the professional one taken at the actual prom, but it has yellowed over the years. :)

Oh, I remember those 80's style flippy hairdoos. It looks like your mom sews much better ;)

Boo for sore throats before Christmas.

Proms... the stuff of dreams... the stuff of nightmares. Right up there with reunions. Love your picture. What a strong, look you in the eye king of girl.

Ok, I'll wish for the illness to magically leave you if you'll wish for it to not take up residence over here instead. Deal?

Wait...wha...?! The sun finally shines and you GET SICK! ACK! We can't have that! Illness be gone! That whole dragging your ass to work in spite of being sick and staying until 2...uh...sounds like something I would do. Why is it so easy to see the madness in someone else?! ;) I hereby decree that you GIVE yourself ONE DAY to DO NOTHING. And at the end of that day, if you peek out your window, I think you will discover that the world has not stopped rotating on its axis. ;) xoxo

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