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Except for a little bit of stocking stuffer wrapping to be done, everything is ready for the big 2 days coming up. When you're an American in Sweden, Christmas is so nice, you do it twice! Tomorrow we're having Anders' family over and watching Kalle Anka, having a visit from Tomte (sssh!), giving gifts and eating julbord (lost count). On Monday, with John and Simone we'll have the American version with stockings and more gifts and a big turkey dinner to round things off. We even have freshly baked Christmas cookies for dessert: Iced sugar cookies, Rice Krispie Holly Bars, Reindeer Poop, grandma's gingersnaps (yay!) and an assortment of German Weinachtsplätzchen contributed by Simone. Even the elves are taking a well-deserved rest beneath the Christmas tree in anticipation! Come on down, Santa, we're waiting!

The Biggest Brightest Birthday Wishes Ever to My Great Friend Kathey (sorry these are a bit belated!!)!
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Ohhh, such a pretty tree! :) Is that an advent calendar on the wall?

So, so, so pretty....I can't stop looking at the tree. hehe

It IS an advent calendar, but we actually don't use it for that (except once). The kids have their own, that one is a decoration because I think it's so pretty :)

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