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More like "Rarin' & Roarin'"...I need a vacation after my "vacation" and I'm not even done with it yet! Zoooom! This is the first evening in 8 days I've had a chance to really sit down at the computer and most of it has been frantically whipping the AWC web newsletter into shape for publication tomorrow on Sunday. We have
  • picked up John & Simone at the train station and taken them final Christmas shopping
  • baked Reindeer Poop and Christmas sugar icing cookies and made Rice Krispie Holly Bars
  • gone out for sushi dinner and watched The Commitments, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and The Muppet Movie
  • celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday
  • celebrated Julafton complete with julbord, Kalle Anka, and a visit from Tomten
  • celebrated Christmas Day the American way complete with stockings, presents from abroad, and turkey with all the fixings
  • played Scattergories and Taboo with much laughter
  • gone to the zoo for the day (in the rain) and then to friends for dinner
  • gone to dinner in Malmö at Restaurang Möllan, a place Anders has been telling me about for 12 years, and then to see Peps Persson in concert
  • hosted an AWC glögg and potluck fest for 27 people
  • taken John & Simone to the train station and then gone shopping and then attempted to take a nap and then given up and worked on the AWC website
Tomorrow ozswede and tallefjant are paying a quick overnight visit (yay!) and Sunday Anders has planned a feasty feast of festive proportions for New Year's Eve dinner with the two couples that will be spending it with us. Then I shall collapse muddy and exhausted for half a day and then? Back to work!


Beyond Believable Belated Birthday Wishes to scubatoe_eimi and Bonny Summer-Sunshine Bright Ones to courtesy!
mood: busy
music: John Hiatt—Thing Called Love

Reindeer Poop

I made Reindeer Poop the other day for our neighbors from your recipe. Wow, excellent. My only regret is not making enough to have some left over for us!


Re: Reindeer Poop

You'll just have to make some more! What are you waiting for?!

Ok...what is reindeer poop? Please, I have to know! I just recently started to blog again and added you to my f-list. You were on one of my old blogs a long time ago. Anyway, I always enjoy reading your posts even if you don't add me back so I hope you don't mind.

Here's my post about the Reindeer Poop cookies! :)

And of course I don't mind, although I'm not adding people much at the moment, since my flist is already too much to keep up with. :)

Thank you:)

Nice to hear with all your busyness! you and Anders found time to enjoy yourselfs :)
Have a wonderful New Years Eve.

What a funfilled Christmas season you have had! Enjoy your New years Eve dinner and please give a big hug to Ozswede from me. Hope to see you soon.

Anders needs to give you a gift certificate for a looooooong NAP.

Happy New Year!


I know what you mean about vacation from vacation, but it does sound like you are having a maddeningly delightful time!

That was my comment. I don't know why LJ sometimes signs me out... argh.

Stupid LJ! It does it to everyone, even me, sometimes. :)


Have mercy! I hope you do absolutely nothing on your last 1/2 day off. Is that possible?

nope! hahahah! Well, I did sleep in until 11, does that count? But then we cleaned up and I'm doing laundry now. I intend to be pretty sluggish, though, for me, anyway.

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