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For the record, there is no better party-opener music for a New Year's Eve bash than Steely Dan's Reelin' in the Years.

And this might be the quintessential New Year's party dinner menu, Chez Anders:Despite the excitement and fun of the past week I am more than ready for our regular routine to return, so much so that I was having urges to take things down and put them away. Maybe I can channel that urge into closet cleaning or something else productive since I don't really want to take down the Christmas tree quite yet. Soon, but not yet.

I'm amazed and often alarmed by how fast time goes by. Another year has zipped past while I did...what? What did I do? Where did it go? It slid into the smiles of my children and jumped around the trampoline in the backyard. It chimed and sang in the car, on the street, and yodeled its way up the mountains in Germany. It crackled and sparkled with each visitor, each family member or friend that we connected with. It slithered into the seams of the backpacks we carried in Scotland and out with the breezes to the islands. It flipped in my chest and fluttered with every decision I made, every job I finished, every task I checked off. It kissed us quietly on the cheek as we dozed off each evening, and flared bright each morning, rain or shine, to speed us out the door to every new day.

For Christmas Anders gave me the software and cables necessary to start transferring music from my old cassette tape mixes to the computer so I can burn them on CD instead. Yay! If we get the turntable down from the attic we can use it to transfer our old vinyl to the PC, too. I was going to start playing with it today. But I just made the mistake of checking my work email for the first time since the 21st and oh man, is tomorrow going to be busy. I think I'll go lie on the couch and conserve my strength until then.

Tremendous, Terrific and Intensely Timtamalicious Birthday Wishes to ozswede!
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the software and cables necessary to start transferring music from my old cassette tape mixes to the computer so I can burn them on CD instead

Ooooh, what is this software? We've got boxes and boxes of tapes that we can't bear to let go (some things have never been published on CD) so I would love to do this.

And happy new year!

It's called TerraTec Phono PreAmp Studio USB, but we just discovered that none of the tape players in the house have the right connections. :( (1 is my old American stereo which doesn't work with it, and the other 2 are the kid's boomboxes which don't have any output lines at all.) Argh! So now we have to hunt up a tape player to use first.

Most probably you want a "line out" that is not amplified. In worst case, a headphone output will do but it may leave a bit of impedance noise to the recording (depending on how advanced the USB phono amplifier is). This is true for turntables as well.

On the software side, there are plenty of free and commercial softwares (for anyone who doesn't have your combo). Some software is specialized in removing clicks, noise and hiss from recordings, and do that with highly varied quality. You'd hope you get what you pay for, but not always is that the case.

I don't have any particular tapes to convert, but have transferred about a dozen LP's to computer (and from there generated MP3 or put them directly to CD). The better condition the record is in, the more it makes sense to use a filter to remove the last bit of crackle. A record that is worn could just as well be left alone -- authentic sound!


I am delighted to hear that Anders has given you the capability to transfer that old music. I hope you can bring it to Michigan when you come this year. I have a bunch of your old records that I didn't get transferred to tape before the tape machine quit and ditto the old record player. I got another record player from Mike - IF it really works, since I haven't tested it yet. I also have a small pile of tapes to transfer- but first on my list are the 2 tapes I have of you singing!!!! Love, Lizardmom

What a sweet remembrance of your year.

And WOW about the tape to computer to CD thang.

I have just in these past few days, been exchanging emails with my son, exploring this very topic; how to transfer cassette tapes via computer, to CD. I have a much loved obscur tape that never made it to CD that will someday wear out, AND a tape of my kids, when they were still chitlans, singing with keyboard. The YoYos, they called themselves.

Have a wonderful New Year my dear farawayand never been met IRL friend. Forgive me for being such a slacker on comments this past month. Reformation is in the works. I want to say with the ringing in of the New Year, that I value our unique friendship. Thanks for being you!

Well, we just discovered that none of our tape players have the right connections so we're on the hunt for one that will. Argh!

I feel the same way about our friendship, and I'm so glad we've "met" and hope someday we really DO meet! :)

Argh for sure. Good luck with the tapeplayer.

Well, someday perhaps we shall.

What a terrific round up of the year, even if you felt like it sped by somewhat. I hope you have a fabulous, fun-filled year ahead, with at least ONE day free to catch your breath!

That menu is amazing, as is your own private wonder chef. He really is superb in the kitchen and I am always so impressed by the calm, unhurried way he produces magical meals. Definitely a keeper.....

And many, many thanks for the great birthday wishes. I've had a lovely day of being pampered, especially by the white, furry fluffball.


I found your blog through paper napkin... I liked your post and know how you feel about work email... I am still sifting through mine!
Have a great new year!!

Re: Hello...

Thanks very much! Happy new year to you, too :)

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