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Earlier tonight the full moon was the brightest spot in an otherwise pitch black world. The power went off around 6:30 and stayed off until almost 9...I was just about to start building "Karins wabsit things yahoo" with my daughter when with a whuff everything blacked out. Martin and the twins were playing in the playroom and they ran screaming for flashlights through the hallway and the living room, tripping over furniture and bonking into each other on the way.

All photos by Anders Ek

We got candles lit all over the house and then I had Martin fetch a deck of cards and the kids and I played Crazy Eights. Then we ate brie and crackers by candlelight. When we tired of that, the kids put the forehead flashlight on the remote-control motorcycle that my sister gave my husband for Christmas and they flapped around the house chasing it, yelling and laughing their heads off.

After the girls went home, Anders and the kids sat around his laptop like it was a fireplace and looked through his photo files and played all the ringtone music he had stored and watched a couple of motorcycle videos...while I read by the flickering flames.

We talked about what life must have been like for people a couple of hundred years ago when they had no electricity: no computer, no television, no lights. When candles were expensive and handmade and life was lived by the rising and setting of the sun. The kids can't imagine it, how could they? A few hours of darkness is no competition for the reality they live in.

The advent candles are completely burned down now. I blew the furthest one down out and watched the smoke curl and the blackened wick glow and breathe with the breath I loosed too near it. The metal advent stars glittered with reflected light in the windows. We put the kids to bed with candles in their room and then I gave up and went to bed to read by candlelight, only to have the lights come back on with a whoosh as soon as I laid down and a screech from the dishwasher which had been in mid-cycle when the power went out.

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Oh what fantastic photos! I especially love the house. :)

Isn't it really "other worldly" when all of the electricity goes off and you realise just how much we've come to depend on it? Power cuts are common in Adelaide, especially in the summer when excessive air-con use overloads the power station fuses, so we always kept candles and torches around and tried to make the most of the darkness and lack of tv etc.

Was this as a result of the storm? We were stunned when we saw the trees fallen across the road between Markaryd and Emmaljunga on the news reports last night as we were driving there only a couple of days ago. Skåne is a dark and dangerous place....

And Liz, we don't believe for a second that you and Anders were READING in bed!

I don't know if it was a result of the storm, but we heard about trees down all over (again!) and the paper this morning said 12,000 homes without electricity...athough we weren't affected at ALL during or after the storm. I sure heard the wolfwinds howling last night, though!

Which kid is that? That's Karin, isn't it? Too cute.

It is. She was fussing for a MegaTattoo before Christmas from the candy counter at our little village store, and Santa just happened to stop by there and get some to stuff in her stocking :)

Oh what fantastic photos! I especially love the house. :)

I always loved when the electricity went out as a kid. It felt like an adventure. Once, while I was in highschool, we didn't have electricty for 5 days. There had been a terrible storm and the whole penninsula had been hit pretty heavily. I spent a lot of that week at a friends house, sitting by her fire, reading and talking. Great memory.

But, I am tremendously thankful that such adventures were always shortlived and novile. I would not have made a good pioneer.

Your house looks cozy and your child ferocious.

5 days! I remember something similar when we lived in Belgium, but not how long it was. We all slept in my parent's room for several nights, with a camping space-heater to keep us warm enough.

yikes! It must have been a real howler there. I wondered how it was going down there after I read about the big storm coming. We have very bland non-weather here in comparison. The candlelight photos make everything seem so nice and cozy. Karin is definitely ready for her big motorcycle career ;)

What a cosy evening it turned out to be! And Karin's tattoo is so HER. I want one too, now.

Shall I bring one to book group? :D

living if ever so briefly in the dream of yesteryear.

sounds like you truly know how to make a power cut a benefit.

[and I am scared, very scared.

I am also extremely worried about how Santa knows all these things - we should have asked him if there were WMDs....]

how cozy it all looks!
well, all except the last one... *runs screaming* :-)

I know! Are we in trouble or what??

Love the photos :) Power hardly ever goes out here any longer, but I have had it happen a few times while in the States. I like it normally, makes for cosyness I think (that is, if you weren't doing anything important that you need power for heh).

I love the song "the night the lights went out in Georgia", she has such a beautiful voice - although the song itself is rather sad.

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You can be there anytime! :) You are ALWAYS welcome.

The first photo should be in National Geographic, the last photo should be the cover of Rolling Stone.

That amazing moon illuminated my walk home from the El station last night. My shadow before me was so crisp and strong, I had to turn and walk backwards to see what caused it.

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