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Remember that bonus photo yesterday? Yeah, her. That kid of mine got a blog.* Run for your lives!

Anders bought a little adapter thingy and hooked up the cables to my old American stereo tape deck and I'm currently recording the first of my many, many mixed tapes to a .wav file on the computer to be edited and sectioned later for burning onto a CD. Whee! I'm such an über-geek! I'm even geekier because I know how to make a ü without even hesitating. ü ü ü! hahahaha!

Umlauts always make me giddy.

I met my friend Camilla for lunch today. I haven't seen her since early September when she moved to Poland to teach for a year. An hour with a good friend that I miss a lot isn't nearly enough, but it was sure better than nothing. As a bonus, the sun was shining so I got some sunshine on my face, AND got out of the office for an hour and even got an errand run after lunch.

The title of the tape that I'm currently recording is: Music to give Stomachfarts by. cap_killer made it for me in college, the first of many. It was the first time I had ever heard Rickie Lee Jones, Supertramp, Joan Armatrading, Heart, Jethro Tull, Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, Dire Straits, David Bowie, The Who, and Elvis Costello. I'm too embarrassed to list the music I was listening to before she widened my musical horizons.

Do you call them stomachfarts? I've also heard them called zerberts. You know, when you grab someone's shirt (usually a little kid's), pull it up and put your lips against their tummy and blow really hard with your mouth open? Pbbbb! If you don't call them stomachfarts or zerberts, what DO you call them?

*Although, she's still a little unclear on the concept.
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They've always been zerberts in my house - thank you Mr. Bill Cosby for that one!

I've been known to zerbert my hubby and my dog.

I get the same puzzled "What-the-hell?" look from both of them...

aha! Is that where it's from??! I should have remembered! Good ol' Cos.

I've never heard of them being called zerberts. Cute! I've always known them to be called raspberries. As in, 'blowing raspberries', or 'giving a raspberry'.

heh. That's one of the words we always used for just sticking out your tongue and blowing so it vibrates. I've also heard it called a Bronx Cheer. :P

Clover Tongue

A Bronx Cheer ... Love it!
By the way, is that Martin or Karin in your icon? Daisy has a friend who can do that. Freaky!

Re: Clover Tongue

Neither one. I found that image on the internet somewhere. But my friend Angie can do it. She told me that 1 in 4 people can roll their tongue, and 1 in 10 of THEM can do the flower tongue. (durr...typed too fast the first time)

You're bringing her to the dark side at such a young age?

Like I had a choice about it.

So you found a tape player that will work? I'm jealous. I was just thinking of how could I accomplish the same thing (and with records too).

I have shoe box after shoe box filled with tapes that I haven't listened to in years. Oh, the flashbacks I could have!

I'm in full flashback mode, for sure! We knew my stereo would work if we could find a different adapter. They had it at Kjell and company. I'm sure Radio Shack could get you set up!

I might just have to pay them a visit! Where's that tax return?! ;-)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I don't know. It's up to her. She can write better in Swedish, but I will definitely encourage her to write in English, too. :) I don't know how often she'll actually write anything either. We'll see.

Hüg! hahhaaa!

Zerberts is what I've always called them.

Camilla!? Is she just home for the holidays only to dash back off to Poland? No chance she'll be at bookgroup, I guess?

I'm delighted to be on Karin's friends list - that kid rocks.

She left yesterday...she was here over Christmas but was sick the whole week and didn't even call me until Tuesday. She might be back in 3 weeks for a long weekend though. :)

i'm just curious here, but what's your thoughts about how much freedom children should have on the internet, liz? have you and karin talked about what things she should be careful making public, and how to deal with dishonest people that might pop up after a while?

i hope LJ will be a great experience for her!

yes, we have a bit, although it's fairly lighthearted for her at the moment, and I will be heavily monitoring her internet time. For the meantime, she's sitting with me to write on it.

Go Karin! I think it's great that you are helping her get started in the blogging world.

stomachfarts??? How crude.... but what can one expect from a non-consumer of Vegemite? *sigh* Those of us from a more cultured land call them "tummy kisses"

But they're not kisses when you BLOW! :P

I have a comparison comment to this statement, but it is not at all appropriate so I will keep it to myself. As a service to all who might read this blog. You're welcome.

(We call them zerberts, but I've sometimes heard them called them raspberries, as others have said. Stomachfarts sounds terrible, I must say!)

Hee! I can just imagine. >:P

Raspberry, definitely a raspberry where I come from. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it!

I call them raspberries.

Man calles them prompekyss (fart-kiss)

oh, and I've created a whole new kid-friendly friend's group to post to... will be happy kid's stuff... :)

that's a lovely thought :)


That is what we call them too!


I think we've always called them raspberries - and you know I loved getting them as a kid! They were the best. Of course there's no joy like GIVING them to sweet babies...

~Sam :)

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