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In the fall of 1992, I was living and working in Chicago. I lived in a 3rd floor apartment on Cornelia with a roommate and my 2 cats, Pooka and Toby. I was in a relationship with a guy who worked at the bank where I worked, albeit in a different department. The relationship would be ending under very strained circumstances within months although I didn't know that at the time. From Cornelia it was a short walk to the Belmont El station where I could catch the downtown train to First Chicago Bank, coming out in the station right under the building, where I walked through the subterranean hallways, past the underground deli where I often bought chicken soup and a bagel sandwich for lunch and up the stairs to the lobby.

I had found a women's choir to sing in at some point during the year, and revived my voice to a certain degree, and I had sung, with a colleague and friend, at a couple of different weddings, her soprano to my alto. We made a good duo, and I got the idea to make a recording of myself singing a few solo songs and asked her if she would join me in a duet on a couple of Christmas tunes for a tape that would be my Christmas gift to my family. She agreed, and I asked my friend cap_killer to produce it, since she had contacts in the recording and broadcasting industry from her years of working for an advertising agency and producing radio spots.

We decided on 3 Christmas songs, and I chose 2 other favorites to sing solo and we began practicing. Chris lined up a recording studio for us, for a fee that was hefty for me, but seemed worth it, especially considering that it included the studio rental, a sound engineer (who also did electronic music arrangement), a guitar player and a percussionist. I felt SO cool!

The hour or so that we had at the studio went by in a blur, Sharon and I sitting in the glass-walled room, singing each song through a few takes, and the two solos where I was so nervous the first time through that I sang everything much too fast and had to consciously stop and slow myself down for the second try. I wish I had been able to relax more, since when I listen to the recording now, I can hear the hesitancies and the rough spots that a little more familiarity with the process and time to get used to singing in a studio setting would have probably smoothed out.

Despite its obvious amateur level and one horribly flat spot in one of the duets, I think we did credibly well. My family was impressed (at least, they said so at the time) and my mom was thrilled. :) I only had a few cassette copies, though, and the original master recording is on a wee little DAT tape that I have never had any possibility of using to make more copies. Over the years, I gave away the last copies I had, and now have only one left. Until today, when I recorded the cassette to my PC and then burned the songs onto a CD. YAY!

I was dithering about posting one or more of the songs from the recording tonight because after listening to them again this evening I was feeling VERY self-conscious about every little mistake I could hear, and to be honest, I REALLY wish I could re-record it with my much-more confident 15-years-older voice. A friend of mine is going through an incredibly tough time right now and I'm too far away to do anything to help. Anyone who bothers to listen to this clip can please be gentle with me, but I'm posting it for you, Reé, along with a HUGE UGH.

Liz Slaughter singing Emily Saliers' Crazy Game (2.7MB)


Bright White Candle Light Birthday Wishes to helloheather!
mood: energetic
music: Liz Slaughter—Crazy Game (heh!)

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Damn the slow dial-up. I'll have to get dsl or a wireless card! But I'm gonna try to listen anyway...

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?? It's not working?? Do you get an error message?

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Awwww...thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

You're welcome! Hope you have a super day. :)


You have a wonderful full rich voice. Love it!! Wow.

Have you taken lessons? Have you been singing since childhood or? Your voice seems so natural.

Wow I wish I could sing like that. First of all I don't have a "natural" strong singing voice like you have, I have to fight to reach the notes - my voice doesn't "flow", and I am nowhere near as "trained" and so "självklart" in tune as you - not even remotely - and secondly my voice is not a solo voice. I sound like twelve years old when I sing. :(

Thank god there are choirs like Kör för alla so that even amateurish amateurs like myself can get to sing too. :)

THANK you so much for posting the song. Both your voice AND the song was beautiful.


Goodness, thank you! Yes, I've been singing pretty much since childhood, and been in choirs since I was 13 (on and off after high school). That recording is pretty old though and I think I actually would do a better job now. I've only had "formal" lessons once and it was a long time ago, and not for very long. I can remember the recital we did at the end of the term, but I can't even remember when exactly it was I took them!

I think it's super that you sing in a choir, regardless of how you feel your voice sounds. That's what choirs are for! And singing gives one such pleasure. :)

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Your voice is so full and clear. Also you sing in a very genuine and believable way. You make the listener truly feel the song. Really, really, really beautiful.

Have you thought about recording again? I think you should. With more experience in practice I have no doubt that you could produce something absolutely amazing.

I've thought about it, but it costs a fortune to rent a studio and hire a sound engineer, and it's not money I have right now. :( (and thank you :)


Hurrah! My slow dial-up worked. I so enjoyed hearing you again- I'll have to get out my old tape recorder and play that tape more often. Waiting for the cd!!!! Love, Lizardmom

I'll send you a copy, Mom, after I figure out the label-maker software :) Hee!


Smiling, listening again.


Nowhere near the level of your wife and daughter, but still, it's okay. :) Thanks so much for the comment, that meant a lot!!

I can imagine that this is like a soothing balm over Reé's soul right now. It's lovely - thanks for about an encore?


Yes now we want to hear more of you!


That was great Liz, you have a beautiful voice. Kinda Enya-y.

oh geddaouddahere. :D

I finally listened to it (without upgrading media player) and you do have a lovely voice. You remind me of my mom's singing voice, when her voice is well, and she sings.

thank you :)

Oh my goodness!!! That was INCREDIBLE!!!! I am so impressed and also in awe at finally hearing you :) You have a beautiful beautiful voice Liz, I LOVE it.

:) thanks very much!

lovely song, lovely singer!

durrr. thanks, you :)

that was great! thanks for sharing :)

you're welcome!

Liz, that was beautiful!

thankee, ma'am!

You have SUCH a beautiful voice, Liz!

I enjoyed the recording very much. Thanks for sharing. ;)

thank you! :)

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